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A 1-2 punch to whitening teeth, Aim Toothpaste and Lavoris Mouthwash

By Mike Thayer

20190228_124420-1If you are a big-time drinker of coffee, tea, soda, red wine, your teeth probably aren't as white and bright as they could be.

Teeth whitening is big business, just about anybody who likes to smile wants pearly whites and the costs for getting and maintaining that shiny white look can get pretty steep.  The average price for professional teeth whitening to give you that Hollywood look can cost you $650 or more and depending on the condition of your choppers can take more than one visit.  The at-home, over-the-counter approaches, a.k.a., trays, strips and pens will cost you around $100.  Then there's the Bachelor on the Cheap approach, which is far less expensive and takes more time - yet delivers similar results.

Get yourself some whitening toothpaste and a whitening mouthwash from Dollar Tree.  Total cost - $2.  No, the results aren't immediate or next day, but you do get whitening results over time with regular use.  Pick up a bottle of Lavoris Whitening mouthwash and a tube of Aim Whitening Fresh Mint Gel with Baking Soda and you're all set.  Don't waste your money on the name brands like Crest and Listerine, Lavoris and Aim do the very same thing at a much better price.

$pend Wisely My Friends.....




George brand men's pants provides an excellent, inexpensive, business casual look

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

George PantsI've got the George brand men's flat-front wrinkle-resistant pants in my closet.   It's a go-to in my wardrobe, they are designed for a classic fit, they're comfortable and I bought them at Walmart.   Made with cotton blended twill, they are fade resistant, easy to maintain and they last a long time, as in the threading doesn't fall apart after a couple washes like some of those discount clothes tend to do.  The George pants line also includes a pleated front design, come in a wide range of colors and includes Big & Tall sizes. 

Prices are in the $12 - $15 a pair range, depending on your selection.  That's Bachelor on the Cheap friendly!

For social gatherings or business casual, the George line of pants are a great addition to a well-rounded wardrobe! 

George pants get 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars

4 stars

Shopping for a new place to get a haircut? Check out Fantastic Sam's

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

I got another great haircut at Fantastic Sam's today!  I've been getting my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's since discovering them in early 2016. I've never received a bad hair cut there, the customer service has always been excellent, the store is clean, the conversation fun and the price is right!

With that in mind, I've done some online price shopping for some contrast/comparison:

  • Fantastic Sam's - $10.95
  • Lady Janes - $14
  • Snip & Clip - $14.95
  • Great Clips - $15
  • MasterCuts - $15.95
  • Supercuts - $16
  • Sport Clips - $19
  • Planet Hair - $28 OUCH!  No men's haircut is worth $28.  Period.

Thank you Fantastic Sam's!

Looking Good with Hanes

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

HanesGuys, you're wearing a t-shirt under that dress shirt right?  Nobody needs to see the outline of your nipples....

Don't be the talk of the office (in a bad way), do some online shopping at Hanes.

You can't beat their prices, they frequently have sales and free shipping.  In fact, I've got a t-shirt order right now that is on back order.  It's testimony to how good their deals are!  They have sizes for everybody and a color selection for all.

My order is for two tagless t-shirts for $5 and free shipping.  That's not $5 each, that's $5 for two t-shirts.  You can't beat that deal, not even at Walmart and these are quality t-shirts, not those thin, cheap, tees that start falling apart after a couple washes.

Dress in quality, shop at Hanes.


Get the least expensive haircut in town at Fantastic Sam's

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

If you don't feel like spending $20+ on a haircut, find the nearest Fantastic Sam's.  That's where I went today as a first time customer and boy I'm glad I did! 

Arriving at about 10am, I figured I would have to wait a bit as there were a number of patrons already being attended to, but I was seated for a haircut in about two minutes.  The lady cutting my hair asked how I liked to have it cut and she nailed it.  She was fast too and just conversational enough to avoid that awkward silence.

The best part:  A men's haircut at Fantastic Sam's is just $10.95.   I was in and out in under 15 minutes and I'm real pleased with the result.  The store was clean, organized and all employees seemed customer oriented, not just, "on the job."   I got my haircut at the Rock Road location.  I'll be going there again next time I'm in need.

Fantastic Sam's get five out of five Bachelor on the Cheap Stars!

5 stars