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Food Review: Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Breaded Flounder

Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Breaded Flounder
When buying seafood, look for the certified sustainable seafood seal.

In the mood for a fish sandwich but not wanting to spend $9-$10 on a fast food meal, I hit the grocery store instead.

Shopping at Aldi, my go-to grocery store, I picked up a bag of Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Breaded Flounder.  I like the Fremont line of frozen seafood products, they have a nice variety and Fremont is a certified sustainable seafood company, something I always look for now when buying seafood.

Friday Lunch Menu:  Fish sandwich w/tartar sauce and steak fries.

The foundation for the sandwich featured a garlic butter toasted bun, a simple tartar sauce of mayo, chopped pickle, a bit of pickle juice to amp up that tartness, a pinch of dill, onion powder, and some black pepper.  I also dressed the sandwich with pickle slices and balanced things out with a bit of salad mix.

I prepared the fish in an air fryer per the package instructions, and the two fillets for the sandwich turned out great.  Dusting them with a bit of Kosher salt after pulling them from the fryer, the boneless breaded fillets were quite tasty, the flounder was delicate and flaky, and the breading provided a nice crunch.  The combination of the garlic butter toasted bun, the crunchy, flaky fish, the tartar sauce, and fresh lettuce made for a great bite.

Fish sandwich prep
Cheaper than fast food, tastier too!

Including the steak fries, the per-serving cost for my fish sandwich lunch prepared at home was less than $2.50, WAY cheaper than a $9-$10 fast food meal and every bit, if not more delicious!  I was able to prepare my lunch in about the same amount of time it takes to get in a vehicle, hit a fast food drive-thru, and drive back home.

Costing me $5.99 for a 16-ounce bag, I'm giving Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Breaded Flounder 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  This fish is quite tasty, the breading provides a nice crunch, and it's easily prepared in an air fryer making it a repeat buy.  The only thing holding this product back from a 5-star rating is the smallish size of the fillets.  You get 8 fillets in the 16-ounce bag, which is an average fillet size of 2 ounces each.  You need two fillets to make a hearty sandwich.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

Food Review: Subway #20 Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch Footlong hold the Sidekick

Subway Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch
Subway Footlong

After seeing too many of those Subway commercials featuring Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce hyping up "Sidekicks," I decided those sidekicks would be worth doing a review on.

Here's the promo write-up from the Subway restaurant:

  • A new Cinnabon Footlong Churro for $2, is baked to perfection, served warm and topped with Cinnabon's world-famous Makara® cinnamon and sugar.*
  • The Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel for $3, reimagines Auntie Anne's buttery and salty classic, served with a side of Subway's Honey Mustard that takes each bite to another level.*
  • The Footlong Cookie for $5*, is back nationwide and better than ever after popping up in select restaurants on National Cookie Day in 2022 and 2023 – it's thick, gooey and packed with chocolate chips.*
Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch
The under-the-lid view

Added to the menu nationwide in late January 2024, I'll pass on the cookie, but have been intrigued by both the Churro and the Pretzel.  So with a review in mind, I pulled up the Subway app yesterday to place an order for lunch while pondering if I was in a salty side, or dessert mood. 

For the sandwich, I went with the #20, the Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch, footlong, toasted.  The combination of rotisserie-style chicken, melted Monterey cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and Peppercorn Ranch dressing sounded good.

But when I went to order a footlong pretzel to go with my sub, the app took me to the chip selection.  Huh?  I hit the Sidekicks icon again...  "Out of Stock"  The app when first brought up stated the Subway location I was picking up at was a participating restaurant, but they're out of stock?  UGH!  It was only 2:45 pm, and "Out of Stock?"

The motivation for ordering Subway for a late lunch was to try one of those Sidekicks!


Hungry and not feeling like cooking, I ordered the footlong sub anyway, no side, no drink, with a plan to eat half the sandwich for lunch, and the other half for dinner.

With a pickup time of 3 pm, I arrived at Subway just a bit before that and my order was ready.  I grabbed my order from the convenient pickup order shelf and headed to Aldi to do the comparison buy, another episode of - Fast Food vs. Grocery Shopping.  Story pending, including a spin on the #20.  

Subway Sandwich side view
Side View: I half expected deli sliced chicken, as "rotisserie-style" is kind of a vague description, but pleasantly, it's chunk chicken.

Eating in the parking lot while listening to some classic rock on 104.5 The Fox, this is a good sub.  The sandwich wasn't sitting too long in the wrapper, as the bread still had a good toast on it.  The chicken was tender and juicy, the cheese had a nice melt, the bacon wasn't under-cooked-flimsy, the veggies were fresh, the portion of Peppercorn Ranch was generous and I added toppers of black pepper and Red Wine Vinegar which kicked the flavor profile up a notch.   Subway can be hit or miss, but this sandwich was put together with care, with all ingredient preparation executed well and assembled nicely.

Using the app, I got 20% off my order.  So what is the regular menu price of $13.19 for a footlong sandwich, I got it for $11.34.  I'm giving the Subway Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch Footlong 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It's worthy of a repeat buy.  A review of the Sidekicks will have to wait for another day.  I checked the menu for the same Subway location today by the way, February 16, about 5:30 pm, and got the same "Out of Stock" message.  So either these Sidekicks are that popular and the location runs out, or somebody there sucks at ordering enough to have on hand (the Churro is made by Cinnabon, and the pretzel is made by Auntie Anne's).  

The Subway location visited on this occasion is located at 7934 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 67207.  In a pickup order using the app, the sandwich was ready and on the online order pickup shelf in a timely fashion.  It wasn't put on the shelf too early either, as the bread still had a good toast on it.  The two ladies running the store greeted me warmly when I entered, and they made a good sub.  The only downer was "Out of Stock" Sidekicks, all options.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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Cracker Barrel makes a solid fish dinner for Lent

Cracker Barrel on Ridge Road
Cracker Barrel comfort food and charm!

I received a Cracker Barrel gift card for Christmas and today I used that gift to go out for lunch.

Being a Friday and the season of Lent, fish was on my mind.

Cracker Barrel has a great comfort food menu. I've never had a bad meal there, and my favorite is their chicken fried steak, which is hearty and satisfying!  While checking out the Cracker Barrel menu online before heading out to the west side of town, I realized I'd never had a fish dinner at the old Southern Country-themed store and restaurant.  Today was the day to do so.

I arrived at the Ridge Road Cracker Barrel a bit before 11 am, an early lunch, but my first meal of the day.  My between-meal rush timing was intentional, and I was seated immediately.  I was greeted warmly by Tracie, my server, who took my drink order, a lemonade.  In bringing my drink, Tracie went over the Friday Fish Fry Special, which I ordered.  The dish is four Cod fillets hand-dipped in batter and fried. The fish comes with two 'Country Sides,' and buttermilk biscuits or corn muffins.  I went with the buttermilk biscuits and for my sides, I ordered the mac & cheese, and fried okra.  I love fried okra and Cracker Barrel does it well.

Cracker Barrel Friday Fish Fry Special
4 cod fillets, with mac & cheese, and fried Okra sides.

It didn't take long for my meal to arrive, I killed time by troubleshooting why my new phone wouldn't sync up to my truck.  

The plate had a nice visual, complete with tartar sauce and a small wedge of lemon.  The biscuits were warm and flaky, making it easy to spread the butter.  I flipped the lid off the tartar sauce, squeezed some lemon juice over the fish, and took that first bite.  The batter was crispy, the fry was perfect.  The cod though was a bit underseasoned but flaky good.  If not for the tartar and lemon, the fish would have been a bit bland.  The Mac & Cheese was creamy good, with a robust cheese flavor, and the cook on the pasta was nicely done.  Some restaurants serve Mac & Cheese that's mushy, NOT Cracker Barrel.  As for the fried okra, my Cracker Barrel side favorite, it was perfect as always. 

Cracker Barrel Biscuits
Warm, light, flaky biscuits.

Costing me a gift card free $17.58 for the meal and a lemonade + refill to wash it down with, I'm giving the Cracker Barrel Friday Fish Special 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It was a very satisfying meal, the portion of four fillets was huge, and the sides were also nicely portioned.  I couldn't finish the entire meal.  My only knock, and it's slight, was the cod was a bit underseasoned.  It's a meal worthy of a repeat order.

The Cracker Barrel visited on this occasion is located at 619 S Ridge Rd, Wichita, KS 67209.  The service by Tracie was top-notch, she was friendly, and attentive, and asked how my meal was, I didn't have to ask for a drink refill. She did all the little things and then some to ensure I had a pleasurable dining experience.  Thank you, Tracie!  If you're looking for a convenient fish dinner and some great service during the Season of Lent, Cracker Barrel should be on your list of places to try.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

The Season of Lent is here, so here's a fish list


Ash Wednesday is on February 14, 2024, kicking off the Season of Lent.  Lasting 40 days 'Lent Season' is a period for prayer, fasting, giving something up for self-improvement as well as motivation for contributing food, money, and time to good causes.

Many folks are familiar with the tradition of abstaining from eating meat on Fridays during Lent.  The most common meal replacement for meat is fish, and that typically involves a lot of people who don't otherwise normally eat it.

I grew up in a Catholic household and attended Catholic school, so eating fish on Friday was a routine way of life for me.  I still eat fish regularly, but it's not restricted to Fridays.

Here's a hopefully helpful 'fish list' you can use during the Season of Lent.  It's a reference if you will, for where to get a decent fish sandwich, where NOT to go, there are a few product reviews thrown in along with quite a few recipes, including some very tasty fish recipes done on the grill.

National Fast Food Fish Sandwich Reviews

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Local Fish Sandwich Reviews

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Fish Product Reviews

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Food Review: Phillips Maryland Style Crab Cake Minis

Food Review: Trident Seafoods Alaska Salmon Burgers

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Salmon patty
Salmon patty, golden brown, and delicious.


Mike's 'Hot Parm Tilapia'

Tuna Salad is a quick, easy, satisfying snack or lunch

Carb-Check Diet: Pork Rind Crusted Tilapia

The 'Living on Appetizers Challenge': A Salmon Log for Dinner

More Fish Recipes on Grilling Good Eats

Enjoy fish for Lent, beyond Lent, and more than once in a while.  It's a fantastic addition to a regular diet, not just because it's a nutritional powerhouse, but it's darn tasty, easier than many think to prepare, and there are a lot of fish options out there that are Bachelor on the Cheap Wallet Friendly.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

KFC's new Smash'd Potato Bowl is a MUST TRY

KFC Smashe'd Potato Bowl
This is a great lunch!

If you like KFC's Famous Bowl, you're going to LOVE this!

The chicken chain launched a spin of the Famous Bowl yesterday, January 29, 2024 called, the Smash'd Potato Bowl.

Here's the description from the KFC website:  Smash your hunger with our all-new Smash'd Potato Bowl. This loaded mashed potato bowl is filled with our Seasoned French Fries and creamy mashed potatoes covered in our delicious warm cheese sauce, savory bacon crumbles and topped with a 3-cheese blend. Order online for delivery or pick up and grab this KFC® mashed potato bowl for a quick lunch near you!

Smash'd Potato Bowl
A look under all that cheese...

I picked one up today while out and about running errands and what a great lunch!  It's got the "Wow, this is really good" factor.  Everything in it was spot on, the bacon bits were crispy, the mashed potatoes were creamy, and the french fries were seasoned well with that light, crunchy exterior and fluffy interior, the nuggets (an upgrade to the regular bowl) were crispy, tender, juicy, and that cheese blend was generously portioned, had a perfect melt and tied everything together.

The regular Smash'd Potato Bowl costs just $3.49, but I upgraded mine to include 5 chicken nuggets and a drink for $8.59.  What a fantastic lunch!  I'm giving KFC's new Smash'd Potato Bowl 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It's VERY reasonably priced, SUPER delicious, filling, and most definitely worthy of being a repeat buy.

The KFC visited on this occasion is located at 1251 S Woodlawn St, Wichita, KS 67218.  I hit the drive-thru a bit after 11 am with one vehicle ahead of me, which was already at the window.  I was able to order right away, the service was fast and friendly, and I received my order before I could get through listening to a classic rock song on 104.5 The Fox.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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Are the "tasty improvements" to the Big Mac really tasty and improved?

McDonald's Big Mac
A better looking bun, but check out what is supposed to be "meltier' cheese...

Let me state this right up front, I'm not a fan of McDonald's, they are WAY down my list of fast food joints to buy a meal from.  Their fries may be good, but that's not enough to compensate for lackluster burgers, long wait times, and oftentimes, lukewarm food.

After a big spring announcement in 2023, McDonald's rolled out changes nationwide late last year to the way they make the Big Mac and other burgers on their menu.  The restaurant claimed the "tasty improvements" resulted in the company's "best burgers ever."

Here's a snippet from the McDonald's press release:  

Our chefs have been cooking up small but tasty improvements to the Big Mac® sandwich, McDouble® burger and our classic Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger and Hamburger – and we can’t wait for fans across the U.S. to get a taste. The magic is in the details:

  • Softer, pillowy buns that are freshly toasted to a golden brown 
  • Perfectly melted cheese that will make you want to savor every last bit off the wrapper  
  • Juicier, caramelized flavor from adding white onions to the patties while they’re still on the grill  
  • Even more of everyone’s favorite Big Mac sauce, bringing more tangy sweetness in every Big Mac bite 
The under the lid view
A decent toast on the bun, but these patties are toast too! Nothing juicy about them, dry as hell, and they look smaller...

What can I say, I was intrigued.  The changes McDonald's made to upgrade their burgers sound good, so what the heck, it's worth a review, right?


I hit the drive-thru at my neighborhood McDonald's today for a Big Mac lunch.  I was looking forward to biting into the toasted Brioche bun, a juicier burger patty, meltier cheese and more special sauce.  I came away disappointed.  It was a typical McDonald's letdown.

At first appearance, I must say I was impressed, the visual got my hopes up.  The new bun looked great, an obvious upgrade, and the lettuce (a fresher, more generous portion was also hyped as a "tasty improvement") was spilling out on all sides.  But there was a red flag, the cheese wasn't very melty.

I took that first bite, pretty much a standard Big Mac bite, the changes were negligible.  Yes, the bun is improved, it is indeed "softer" and "pillowy", and the light toast was nice.  Yes, there's more lettuce and it was fresh.  Yes, there was more special sauce.  But those burger patties, not only do they look smaller, but there was no "caramelized" flavor to them, they were cardboard dry and the promised, enhanced onion flavor was lacking.  What is supposed to be the star of the show, the burger patties, weren't stars at all.  The other element upgrades amount to window dressing.

It's a better-looking burger, but it's not a better-tasting burger.  Overall, I didn't get "tasty improvements" from the Big Mac upgrade.

Costing me $9.02 for a combo meal, I'm giving McDonald's Big Mac with "Tasty Improvements" 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  On a sheer price point comparison, this is still a reasonably priced fast food meal, but in my humble opinion, the "Tasty Improvements" hype is just that, hype.  It's a sandwich that's not really any more tasty, the improvements are negligible.  It's not worthy of a repeat buy, McDonald's has done nothing to move up on my list of fast food joints to buy a meal from.

The McDonald's visited on this occasion is located at 1219 S Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67207.  This is a high-volume location, so I hit the drive-thru at 10:42 am, hoping to beat the lunch rush crowd.  I was able to pull up and order right away, but there were several vehicles ahead of me waiting to pay and pick up orders.  The line moved along OK, but everyone was getting bumped out to the "reserved for drive-thru customers" in front of the restaurant.  It was hurry up and wait.  I received my order at 10:55 am.  I encountered three attendants during the process, one at the pay window, another at the pickup window, and a third who brought my order out to the reserved parking wait area.  The service was obligatory.  Same 'ol McDonald's, lackluster burgers, and long wait times.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike




Food Review: Priano Pesto Sauces from Aldi

Priano Basil Pesto
Available at Aldi

Pesto, it's a classic Italian sauce that packs A LOT of flavor and is typically served with pasta, but is also great as a pizza topping, meatball or lasagna filling, a compliment to salads, and is awesome as a sandwich spread.  

I typically make my own pesto (scratch-made is always the best), but it is also convenient to have some store-bought jars on hand for those quick meals, so during my latest weekly shop at Aldi, I picked up a couple of jars of Pesto made by Priano.  

Parmesan crusted chicken on a bed of penne
Parmesan-crusted chicken on a bed of penne pasta and dressed with basil pesto

Priano is a private label brand exclusive to Aldi, and they make a full line of Italian goods such as pasta, sauces, the aforementioned pesto, and even a dry-cured prosciutto, among other great products.  In grabbing a couple of jars of pesto, I went with a traditional basil and a sun-dried tomato variety.  

This was my first time trying Priano Pesto.  Both products are rich with robust flavor and in my humble opinion are every bit as good if not superior to other jar pesto sauces I've ever sampled.  I may be tempted not to make my own from scratch quite as often if I keep these on hand they're that good.

Priano Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
The sun-dried tomato pesto, my favorite of the two

Costing just $2.19 for a 6.7-ounce jar at Aldi, I'm giving Priano Pesto Sauces 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  They're convenient, very reasonably priced, and tasty, worthy of being repeat buys.  Compare the Aldi price to a name-brand pesto like Barilla, which starts at around $3.50 at the mainstream grocery store for a 6.5-ounce jar.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

A dish featuring the Priano sun-dried tomato pesto
Meatballs w/garlic infused yogurt served on a bed of sun-dried tomato pesto rice.


Food Review: L'Oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

L'Oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
These are every bit as good as the name brand

I recently hosted a New Year's Eve party, a casual get-together, and on the menu were pulled pork and meatball sliders.

In the past, I've always picked up a few bags of King's Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls for sliders, but on this occasion, I decided to give Aldi's version a try - L'Oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

L'oven Fresh is an Aldi private label, a collaboration between Aldi and Bimbo Bakeries, which does private label work for 37 other distinctive brands, including Thomas' English Muffins, Entenmann's Baked Goods, and Lender's Bagels.  Other L'Oven Fresh products gracing the shelves at Aldi include hot dog and hamburger buns, bagels, and various loaves of bread.

L'Oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
More of those great rolls for a quick New Year's Day watching football lunch, along with charcuterie board salami, some Gouda cheese, and a bit of yellow mustard.

These things are every bit as good as King's Hawaiian, in every way, taste, texture, and freshness.  They're perfect for sliders, and crowd-pleasing.  Moving forward, there is no reason to pay extra for the name brand.  I would challenge anyone to distinguish the difference in a blind taste test.

Costing me $2.75 each at Aldi for 12-count, 12-ounce bags of rolls, I'm giving L'Oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  Most certainly a repeat buy, compare the L'Oven Fresh price to the name brand King's Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls at $4.79, also a 12-count, 12-ounce bag at the mainstream grocery store.  I bought three bags of the L'Oven Fresh for my party and saved $6.04.

The Aldi visited on this occasion is located at 8011 E Kellogg Ave, Wichita, KS 67207.  The bread aisle has all kinds of great selections to serve just about every need.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

Bubba's 33 cranks out a pretty darn good salad

Chicken Tender Salad at Bubba's 33
A very tasty and HUGE salad!

I don't typically eat a lot of rabbit food.  Don't get me wrong, I like veggies, but salads aren't part of my regular diet.  I kind of have to be in the mood for them, so forking into some lettuce is a very occasional thing.

I was in the mood for salad though when meeting up with some friends at Bubba's 33 the other day, shout out to Diane, Ashley, and Trish!

Bubba's 33 has six salad choices on their menu:  The Big Salad, Italian Chopped Salad, Chicken Tender Salad, Strawberry Quinoa Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad, and Salmon Salad.

I went with the Chicken Tender Salad, which is fried chicken tenders on a big bed of greens and includes hard-boiled egg, tomato, red onion, cheddar and jack cheeses, and it's all topped with potato straws.  Bubba's also has a number of scratch-made dressings to choose from, I went with Ranch.

I've never had a salad from Bubba's, I usually go with a burger or pizza when I eat there, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I was impressed when the salad was delivered to the table, it was HUGE!  The portion of chicken tenders was more than generous and they were fried perfectly with a nicely seasoned outer crunch and a juicy interior.  Bubba's doesn't hold back on the shredded cheese either.  I love boiled egg on a salad and the veggies and greens were fresh and crisp.  The potato strings ROCK, and the scratch-made Ranch was nice and creamy.

It's a meal of a salad and I couldn't finish it, I wanted to it was so delicious, but I exercised some discipline and got a to-go box.

The Bubba's 33 Chicken Tender Salad is priced at $12.99 and I'm giving it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It's flat-out a HUGE, generous with all ingredients, and very tasty salad.  Bachelor on the Cheap wallet-friendly, it's most definitely worthy of a repeat buy.  It would seem I'll be having more salad in my diet!

Located at 412 S. Towne East Mall Drive, Wichita, KS 67207, the service at Bubba's 33 was exceptional.  Ryley did an outstanding job from start to finish.  He was very knowledgeable, informative, and conversational.  His attention to detail was stellar and did all the little things like providing drink refills without having to be asked.  He even put up with our table of four just sitting there and talking about the good ol' days for more than an hour, well past eating our meals.  Bubba's 33 has become a traditional gathering place for my friends and I. Thank you Ryley for providing us with a great dining experience.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

Food Review: Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment from Aldi

Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment from Aldi
Available at Aldi. It's tough to get this kind of cracker variety at such a low price anywhere else.

I love charcuterie boards, it's comfort food on a platter, they're easy to put together, so flexible in variety, great for parties, and crowd-pleasing.  It's a win-win menu item.  BONUS:  Leftovers make for a great and super convenient lunch or snack the next day.

I hosted a New Year's Party kicking off 2024 and so of course a casual charcuterie board was on the menu.  No charcuterie board is complete without an assortment of crackers.

Enter the Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment from Aldi

Variety pack
You get a nice variety of crackers and you can present the crackers as is for a casual gathering.  By the way, the Five Grain Cracker (bottom, middle) was a clear party favorite

I didn't want to buy five or six boxes of different kinds of crackers for my party, let alone have that many boxes take up space in my pantry in the name of providing variety.  So I was pleased to see a variety box with a nice portion of six different crackers on the shelf at Aldi.

Savoritz is a private-label brand exclusive to Aldi.  They make various crackers, including a knock-off of Cheez-its, the very popular snack cracker made by Kellogg.  

The variety pack I purchased included a poppy & pepper water cracker (perfect for a charcuterie board), cracked wheat, sesame wheat, seeded multigrain, rosemary, and five grain crackers.  All of the crackers were crisp, savory, and not too dry.  Some crackers out there are quite bland, not these, all varieties had good stand-alone flavor, yet perfectly complimented meat, cheese, and jam.  The Five Grain Cracker was the clear favorite at the party.

New Year's Day Impromptu Platter
The beauty of cracker, meat, and cheese leftovers... Bowl game lunch!

I was also impressed by the packaging.  The crackers are packaged in a plastic insert with a hinged lid, then wrapped in a plastic overwrap to preserve freshness.  The hinged lid plastic insert makes for a decent enough casual presentation at party time, no need to break out a platter that you would have to clean later.  The container was easy to select crackers from and the lid can be sealed shut when not in use. 

Costing me $3.69 for a 13.1-ounce package, I'm giving Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  All the crackers are tasty, crispy, and the packaging allows you to both present the crackers and keep them fresh.  Very reasonably priced and stand-alone yummy, these crackers are most certainly worthy of a repeat buy.  Compare that price to entertainment-style crackers that don't have nearly the variety (typically 2 styles of crackers in a box) starting at about $5 for a 12-ounce box at the mainstream grocery store.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike