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Repurposing: Turning a used rice container and a couple of kitchen utensils into a bird feeder

Arborio Rice container turned bird feeder
Repurposing a container

Why spend a bunch of money on a bird feeder online or in-store when you can make one from stuff you were going to throw in the trash or recycle bin at home?

That's what I did today, it took me all of 10 minutes.

I've been toying with the idea of hanging some birdfeeders and placing a bird bath in my yard, and I've done some shopping online, but I haven't bought anything yet.   I don't think I'm going to, it's more enjoyable and productive to make my own.

I took an Arborio Rice container, a couple of old kitchen spoons that are past their prime, and a bamboo skewer and made a bird feeder.

Bird Feeder
Dinner is served! Sunflower kernels!

I could have used a water bottle, but I like the rice container because it has a big lid, I won't have to use a funnel to refill the container with birdseed.  In creating the feeder, I simply drilled a quarter-sized hole near the bottom of the container, pushed a utensil through (wooden or plastic spoons work fine) handle first to the other side, then drilled a second hole big enough to accommodate the spoon handle.  I repeated the process further up the container, this one was a more custom hole drill, as the spoon had a slant to the handle, so it wasn't a straight shot.  To give the birds a place to perch while they wait to 'dig in', I drilled a few small holes for a bamboo skewer.  It will be fine for the smaller birds like finches and chickadees, and the bamboo will hold up to the weather.  I also used a stainless steel screw and washer to secure the container to the post, safe for birds.  Finally, the way I secured the container to the post will allow me to swivel it upside down, and easily clean it by hosing it out, letting it air dry, and then refilling it.

This was a fun little project that didn't cost me a thing (well, birdseed, but that's it) and will provide some bird-watching entertainment!  Next up, repurposing a plant container saucer into a bird bath!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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