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Product Review: Besiter Hose Nozzle

Besiter Hose Nozzle
Two-Pack, Available for less than $10 on Amazon


Tired of using my thumb to create spraying action for lack of a spray nozzle, I finally got around to buying a couple of nozzles for the backyard hose setup.

Enter, the Besiter Hose Nozzle 

As an avid gardener, I went with a dial nozzle with 10 spray patterns to handle various spray needs.  In addition to watering the garden, this nozzle should be able to tackle just about any other spraying need as well, from cleaning the wheelbarrow, spraying down the patio, or washing my truck.  I've noted typical use for some patterns.  

  • Angle - good for tough spots, like washing mud from wheel wells
  • Jet -  forceful stream, good for rinsing
  • Shower - soft general spray, provides excellent broad coverage, good for watering plants that don't mind getting all wet, rinsing soap off vehicles.
  • Mist - good for seedlings, starter plants, delicate plants
  • Soaker - in my book, a more efficient way to water your lawn, especially on elevated grades.  Better than a traditional sprinkler which wastefully throws water up in the air. Simply set on soak, engage the hold clip, lay it down, and let gravity do the work.
  • Center
  • Cone
  • Full - as the name suggests, a full spray provides the best distance, and most force, good for filling water cans, buckets
  • Flat - a line of spray good for watering the base of plants that are prone to fungal diseases and shouldn't get all wet
  • 1/4vert
Hose Nozzle
I like the orange color, easy to spot in a 50-foot coil of hose

Coming in a two-pack set, the product comes with extra washers.  These are plastic sprayers making them lightweight and won't get near as cold to the touch as metal with extended use.  I also like the simplicity of it, it's a rear trigger model which is easier on the hands.  The easy dialing is straightforward, there's no twisting trying to find just the right kind of spray like on one of those old-school brass nozzles.  With proper care, minimal exposure to the sun (the hose rack is in shade most of the day), and laying the nozzle on the ground - not dropping it - these nozzles should serve me well.  The plastic seems durable and handled water pressure well on all settings in two days of use, with no irritating/unwanted drippage. 

Costing me $9.66 for two nozzles on Amazon, I'm giving the Besiter Hose Nozzle 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  Reasonably priced, I only gave them 4 stars because I simply can't predict the future and don't know how long they'll last.  Time will tell if the plastic used holds up, doesn't become brittle, and starts leaking all over.  With care (like the aforementioned nozzle drop on concrete), hopefully, the nozzles will last a good while.  It's another reason I bought the two-pack set, I have a backup should the first one go bad prematurely.  Compare that price to a similar plastic nozzle, Sevenlady Brand, with 8 spray settings priced at $11.68 at Walmart. 

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

Sprayer settings
10 settings to handle any spray need



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