Johnson's Fill-A-Flat Sale starts in stores today!

Now is the time to buy plants for your garden beds

Flat sale pre-order from Johnson's
Tropical Hibiscus, French Marigolds, Moss Rose

You won't find better prices or a wider selection from three Wichita Metro area greenhouses than now.  Johnson's, Stutzman's, and Tree Top are all doing their annual flat sale, $17.99, that's 6 - six packs of plants (a total of 36 plants for those of you who live in Valley Center).  I don't know who first started the flat sale, but greenhouses now compete big time for gardener dollars and we plant lovers benefit from the low prices.  What normally would cost you $24 and up per flat, is only $17.99 as a result of three competitors fighting for your patronage.

I pre-ordered two flats and a Hibiscus plant from Johnson's earlier this month and picked the order up today.  When I pulled into the parking lot at about 1 P.M., there was like two parking spots available, that's it.  The place was crazy busy!

This is kind of a tight window for great price and selection (hurry before they're gone kind of selection) from what I'll call the Big 3:

  • Johnson's Garden Centers Flat Sale: April 17 - 21
  • Stutzman's Flat Sale: April 15 - 28
  • Tree Top Flat Sale: April 17 - 21

Johnson's has its brick-and-mortar east and west locations, Stutzman's has three Wichita pop-up locations, and Tree Top is in northeast Wichita.

I'll be 'participating' in all three of the flat sales, one down (Johnson's), two to go...

Kaw Valley Greenhouses, based out of Manhattan, has a pop-up location in the Ollie's parking lot on N. Woodlawn.  They have a nice selection of starter plants and more but aren't currently advertising a flat sale.  Their potting soil is top-notch.

It will be chilly during the overnight hours starting tomorrow through Sunday, with forecasted lows around 41 degrees.  The tropical hibiscus I brought home today, will have to wait for a bit before going in the landscape.  They don't like it when it gets below 50 degrees.  Happy Planting!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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