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Fast Food vs. Grocery Shopping, a spin on Subway's #20 - The Elite Chicken and Bacon Ranch Sub

Food Review: Subway #20 Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch Footlong hold the Sidekick

Subway Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch
Subway Footlong

After seeing too many of those Subway commercials featuring Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce hyping up "Sidekicks," I decided those sidekicks would be worth doing a review on.

Here's the promo write-up from the Subway restaurant:

  • A new Cinnabon Footlong Churro for $2, is baked to perfection, served warm and topped with Cinnabon's world-famous Makara® cinnamon and sugar.*
  • The Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzel for $3, reimagines Auntie Anne's buttery and salty classic, served with a side of Subway's Honey Mustard that takes each bite to another level.*
  • The Footlong Cookie for $5*, is back nationwide and better than ever after popping up in select restaurants on National Cookie Day in 2022 and 2023 – it's thick, gooey and packed with chocolate chips.*
Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch
The under-the-lid view

Added to the menu nationwide in late January 2024, I'll pass on the cookie, but have been intrigued by both the Churro and the Pretzel.  So with a review in mind, I pulled up the Subway app yesterday to place an order for lunch while pondering if I was in a salty side, or dessert mood. 

For the sandwich, I went with the #20, the Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch, footlong, toasted.  The combination of rotisserie-style chicken, melted Monterey cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and Peppercorn Ranch dressing sounded good.

But when I went to order a footlong pretzel to go with my sub, the app took me to the chip selection.  Huh?  I hit the Sidekicks icon again...  "Out of Stock"  The app when first brought up stated the Subway location I was picking up at was a participating restaurant, but they're out of stock?  UGH!  It was only 2:45 pm, and "Out of Stock?"

The motivation for ordering Subway for a late lunch was to try one of those Sidekicks!


Hungry and not feeling like cooking, I ordered the footlong sub anyway, no side, no drink, with a plan to eat half the sandwich for lunch, and the other half for dinner.

With a pickup time of 3 pm, I arrived at Subway just a bit before that and my order was ready.  I grabbed my order from the convenient pickup order shelf and headed to Aldi to do the comparison buy, another episode of - Fast Food vs. Grocery Shopping.  Story pending, including a spin on the #20.  

Subway Sandwich side view
Side View: I half expected deli sliced chicken, as "rotisserie-style" is kind of a vague description, but pleasantly, it's chunk chicken.

Eating in the parking lot while listening to some classic rock on 104.5 The Fox, this is a good sub.  The sandwich wasn't sitting too long in the wrapper, as the bread still had a good toast on it.  The chicken was tender and juicy, the cheese had a nice melt, the bacon wasn't under-cooked-flimsy, the veggies were fresh, the portion of Peppercorn Ranch was generous and I added toppers of black pepper and Red Wine Vinegar which kicked the flavor profile up a notch.   Subway can be hit or miss, but this sandwich was put together with care, with all ingredient preparation executed well and assembled nicely.

Using the app, I got 20% off my order.  So what is the regular menu price of $13.19 for a footlong sandwich, I got it for $11.34.  I'm giving the Subway Elite Chicken Bacon Ranch Footlong 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It's worthy of a repeat buy.  A review of the Sidekicks will have to wait for another day.  I checked the menu for the same Subway location today by the way, February 16, about 5:30 pm, and got the same "Out of Stock" message.  So either these Sidekicks are that popular and the location runs out, or somebody there sucks at ordering enough to have on hand (the Churro is made by Cinnabon, and the pretzel is made by Auntie Anne's).  

The Subway location visited on this occasion is located at 7934 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 67207.  In a pickup order using the app, the sandwich was ready and on the online order pickup shelf in a timely fashion.  It wasn't put on the shelf too early either, as the bread still had a good toast on it.  The two ladies running the store greeted me warmly when I entered, and they made a good sub.  The only downer was "Out of Stock" Sidekicks, all options.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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