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Food Review: Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment from Aldi

Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment from Aldi
Available at Aldi. It's tough to get this kind of cracker variety at such a low price anywhere else.

I love charcuterie boards, it's comfort food on a platter, they're easy to put together, so flexible in variety, great for parties, and crowd-pleasing.  It's a win-win menu item.  BONUS:  Leftovers make for a great and super convenient lunch or snack the next day.

I hosted a New Year's Party kicking off 2024 and so of course a casual charcuterie board was on the menu.  No charcuterie board is complete without an assortment of crackers.

Enter the Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment from Aldi

Variety pack
You get a nice variety of crackers and you can present the crackers as is for a casual gathering.  By the way, the Five Grain Cracker (bottom, middle) was a clear party favorite

I didn't want to buy five or six boxes of different kinds of crackers for my party, let alone have that many boxes take up space in my pantry in the name of providing variety.  So I was pleased to see a variety box with a nice portion of six different crackers on the shelf at Aldi.

Savoritz is a private-label brand exclusive to Aldi.  They make various crackers, including a knock-off of Cheez-its, the very popular snack cracker made by Kellogg.  

The variety pack I purchased included a poppy & pepper water cracker (perfect for a charcuterie board), cracked wheat, sesame wheat, seeded multigrain, rosemary, and five grain crackers.  All of the crackers were crisp, savory, and not too dry.  Some crackers out there are quite bland, not these, all varieties had good stand-alone flavor, yet perfectly complimented meat, cheese, and jam.  The Five Grain Cracker was the clear favorite at the party.

New Year's Day Impromptu Platter
The beauty of cracker, meat, and cheese leftovers... Bowl game lunch!

I was also impressed by the packaging.  The crackers are packaged in a plastic insert with a hinged lid, then wrapped in a plastic overwrap to preserve freshness.  The hinged lid plastic insert makes for a decent enough casual presentation at party time, no need to break out a platter that you would have to clean later.  The container was easy to select crackers from and the lid can be sealed shut when not in use. 

Costing me $3.69 for a 13.1-ounce package, I'm giving Savoritz 6 Cracker Assortment 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  All the crackers are tasty, crispy, and the packaging allows you to both present the crackers and keep them fresh.  Very reasonably priced and stand-alone yummy, these crackers are most certainly worthy of a repeat buy.  Compare that price to entertainment-style crackers that don't have nearly the variety (typically 2 styles of crackers in a box) starting at about $5 for a 12-ounce box at the mainstream grocery store.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike



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