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Food Review: Priano Pesto Sauces from Aldi

Priano Basil Pesto
Available at Aldi

Pesto, it's a classic Italian sauce that packs A LOT of flavor and is typically served with pasta, but is also great as a pizza topping, meatball or lasagna filling, a compliment to salads, and is awesome as a sandwich spread.  

I typically make my own pesto (scratch-made is always the best), but it is also convenient to have some store-bought jars on hand for those quick meals, so during my latest weekly shop at Aldi, I picked up a couple of jars of Pesto made by Priano.  

Parmesan crusted chicken on a bed of penne
Parmesan-crusted chicken on a bed of penne pasta and dressed with basil pesto

Priano is a private label brand exclusive to Aldi, and they make a full line of Italian goods such as pasta, sauces, the aforementioned pesto, and even a dry-cured prosciutto, among other great products.  In grabbing a couple of jars of pesto, I went with a traditional basil and a sun-dried tomato variety.  

This was my first time trying Priano Pesto.  Both products are rich with robust flavor and in my humble opinion are every bit as good if not superior to other jar pesto sauces I've ever sampled.  I may be tempted not to make my own from scratch quite as often if I keep these on hand they're that good.

Priano Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
The sun-dried tomato pesto, my favorite of the two

Costing just $2.19 for a 6.7-ounce jar at Aldi, I'm giving Priano Pesto Sauces 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  They're convenient, very reasonably priced, and tasty, worthy of being repeat buys.  Compare the Aldi price to a name-brand pesto like Barilla, which starts at around $3.50 at the mainstream grocery store for a 6.5-ounce jar.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

A dish featuring the Priano sun-dried tomato pesto
Meatballs w/garlic infused yogurt served on a bed of sun-dried tomato pesto rice.



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Mike, your exploration of Priano Pesto Sauces from Aldi has my taste buds intrigued! Your vivid descriptions of a Parmesan-crusted chicken on a bed of penne dressed with basil pesto and meatballs with garlic-infused yogurt on sun-dried tomato pesto rice make me want to rush to Aldi right now. It's refreshing to find a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on flavor. Your culinary adventures with Priano might just convince me to take a shortcut from scratch occasionally. Cheers to discovering affordable culinary gems!


I have to agree.. a few days ago we purchased some of the sauces from our local Aldi's - the one we've eaten so far is the Priano fettuccine alfredo sauce, and we made it with shrimp and the angel hair pasta (also from Aldi's). It was easy to make and tasted very good. For my taste buds I'll go 5 stars on it.

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