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Specially Selected Italian Loaf Bread
Available at Aldi

Pssst!  Aldi breads are just as good as the artisan and specialty breads from the mainstream grocery store bakery and they don't cost near as much.

I've been in a grilled, toasted, and Panini-style sandwich mood lately, so I picked up a bag of Specially Selected Italian Loaf Bread during a recent grocery shopping trip.

Specially Selected is a private-label brand for Aldi, offering a full line of bread, including Ciabatta, Brioche, Sourdough, Baguettes, and more. 

A grilled jalapeno popper cheese & tomato soup
The jalapeno popper grilled cheese w/bacon was prepared panini-style

I chose the Italian Loaf because it's a bread that naturally has a heartier outside crust and is a bit denser than an ordinary loaf of sliced bread.  That combination makes for exceptional toasting, it blows away ordinary white or wheat bread.

I sampled the bread a couple of different toasted ways, enjoying a jalapeno popper grilled cheese w/bacon done Panini-style, as well as in an avocado toast with bacon using a stovetop pan grilled preparation.  Both were EXCELLENT, the bread was perfectly toasted, provided a great crunchy exterior with a light, fluffy interior, and the bread picked up the seasoning and condiment notes in both sandwiches wonderfully.

Avocado Toast w/bacon
Avocado Toast w/bacon and a side of tater tots

I also enjoyed the bread in a non-toasted preparation, putting together a simple ham and cheese sandwich with mayo and mustard.  It was delicious, this bread is also quite good straight out of the bag, not dry like some Italian Loaf bread products can be, but moist.

Costing me $4.19 for a 24-ounce bag at Aldi, I'm giving the Specially Selected Italian Loaf 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  It's very good straight out of the bag, but even better when toasted, and is most certainly worthy of a repeat buy. 

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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Sue Thorson

I think the Aldi Italian bread tastes very much like sourdough and is dense and heavy (and delicious) in a similar way to sourdough.

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