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Coming soon to a grocery store near you, milk pricing by type

Here's a growing trend that's been going on in select areas of the country, but hasn't hit the Wichita Metro just yet.

A gallon of whole milk is going to cost you more, compared to a gallon of 2%.

Here are the typical milk prices in Iowa, one of those select areas, with a mainstream grocer, Fareway, charging different amounts based on the type of milk.  A one-gallon jug of Fareway store-brand skim milk costs $3.75.  The 1% costs $3.99, the 2% costs $4.45, and the whole milk $4.85.  Costs for name-brand milk will be even higher, respective to milk type.

If you're into skim milk, you might not notice a price hike depending on where you shop.  Folks preferring the other types of milk, will probably notice the jump, especially those who appreciate whole milk, like yours truly.  It's the premium of milk, and it's going to have a premium price in the very near future.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike  


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