Food Review: Specially Selected Italian Loaf Bread from Aldi
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Food Review: L'Oven Fresh Garlic Knots

L'oven Fresh Garlic

I've read all the Aldi Insider reviews, raving about L'Oven Fresh Garlic Knots, so during my latest weekly grocery shopping trip to the discount grocer, I picked up a bag.

L'oven Fresh is an Aldi private label, a collaboration between Aldi and Bimbo Bakeries, which does private label work for 37 other distinctive brands, including Thomas' English Muffins, Entenmann's Baked Goods, and Lender's Bagels.  Other L'Oven Fresh products gracing the shelves at Aldi include hot dog and hamburger buns, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, bagels, and various loaves of bread.

The Garlic Knots are heat and serve, all you have to do is poke a few holes in the back of the oven-safe bag for venting and bake it for 9 minutes per the product instructions.  

Garlic Knots topped with Parmesan
These knots are good, but need a little doctoring to elevate them a bit

I plated the knots and topped them with some Parmesan cheese, a serving suggestion, and I'm glad I did.  Based on some of the reviews I read, after eating these I would never serve any other kind of garlic bread again...  I didn't get that.  These knots are good, but they're not that good. In taking that first bite, the knot was soft and 'pillowy', I got the garlic notes, but they weren't as pronounced as I had hoped and a robust butter flavor was a bit lacking.  The addition of Parmesan was needed, and a dipping sauce would have helped.

Costing $2.89 for a 10.4-ounce bag (8 knots), I'm giving L'Oven Fresh Garlic Knots 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  The bake-in-the-bag thing is super convenient, and the knots are good, but they're not "Wow" good.  Given the convenience and the reasonable price, they are a borderline repeat buy, in a plan B kind of way.  There are better-tasting garlic bread products out there.

The Aldi visited on this occasion is located at 8011 E Kellogg Ave, Wichita, KS 67207. This product is sold in the bakery section, but the garlic knots are NOT shelf-stable. Fine print on the bag: "Best enjoyed same day as purchased or freeze until needed."

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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