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CFP Chair Boo Corrigan unable to tell it like it is

Michigan Wolverine Helmet“We are not a governance body, and so we’re certainly all aware of the Michigan situation, but it’s just not a CFP matter,” Corrigan said. “We will take what we get from the NCAA or from anybody else, and whatever facts are available to those other groups, then we’ll consider it. But all we do is rank the teams that are eligible for our games.” - College Football Playoff Chair Boo Corrigan
The only real truth in that statement is that the CFP is not a governance body. Read between the lines on the last part of that statement, "But all we do is rank the teams..." Mark my words, should Michigan keep winning, but the Big Ten and/or the NCAA don't take some kind of action regarding the Michigan sign-stealing scandal making the Wolverines ineligible for the College Football Playoff, you will see the Michigan team drop out of the Top 4 in the rankings.
Chair Boo Corrigan doesn't have the balls to tell us how things are really going to play out.
$pend Your Football Passion Wisely My Friends...
~ Mike


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