Eating KETO-Friendly at Tacos tj 664 in East Wichita
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Eating KETO-Friendly at Tacos tj 664 in East Wichita

Tacos tj 664
My order, was a spicy shrimp, chicken, and pork taco served on a cheese shell.

What do you do when you're craving tacos but you can't eat traditional tortillas because you're doing the KETO diet thing?

You scarf on some tacos from Tacos tj 664.

My girlfriend Jennifer and I did just that on Friday night.  They've got a cheese shell made with Queso fresco that we were both anxious to try.

Tacos tj 664 has a great Wichita story, going from being a very popular food truck to a successful brick-and-mortar operation.  Getting its start in 2018 with the food truck, Tacos tj 664 went brick and mortar with a spot on the west side in 2019, moved to a bigger spot on the west side in 2021 at 1014 N West Street and with a growing fan base opened up a second location, making east siders happy in 2022 with a shop at 3526 N Rock Rd. 

I reviewed the East Side restaurant late last year (link below) and they easily earned a spot on my go-to list for tacos, with their great-tasting fare, the options, the generous portions, and the friendly service.

Tacos tj 664
Jennifer's order, steak, pork, and spicy shrimp. Check out the generous portions, and all the toppings. These things are LOADED!

I am a big fan of their spicy shrimp taco and was looking forward to sampling it with the cheese shell.  I went with three tacos on this occasion, all served in the cheese shell, so along with the spicy shrimp - a must-have - I also ordered chicken (pollo), and the pork (Adobada).  Jennifer, of like mind (great minds think alike after all...), also ordered three tacos served in the cheese shell, going for the spicy shrimp, steak, and the pork.

The place was hopping busy at the dinner hour, but it didn't take long for our taco order to be served up.  With all the tacos looking and smelling awesome, I almost forgot to take a picture before taking that first bite!  

I sampled the pork taco first and loved the cheese shell!  Golden, brown, and delicious, it had a pleasantly salty, slightly tangy bite.  Thicker than a traditional tortilla, it didn't fall apart like I thought it might, it held up from first bite to last, with a nice, firm exterior, and a yummy, melty interior.  Coupled with any of the meats and toppings, the cheese shell kicked up the flavor profile another notch, more than either a flour or corn tortilla ever does.  Let me put it this way, I'll order the cheese shell again in a heartbeat, it won't be because I'm adhering to KETO, I'll be ordering it because it's damn tasty!   Oh, the pork was delicious too, tender, and juicy, and all the toppings were on point.  The chicken was also stellar and nicely seasoned.  But the winner of the three was the spicy shrimp, which popped with flavor.  Jennifer raved about the tacos and the cheese shells as well, the steak taco she enjoyed was outstanding, but her favorite of the three she ordered was the spicy shrimp.  Winner, winner, shrimp taco for dinner!

Costing $26.50 for the six tacos on the cheese shell, the Tacos tj 664 East lineup of tacos was simply awesome.  From start to finish every bite of each and every taco was enjoyable, with all cheese shell tacos being repeat buys!  Located at 3526 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226 the service at Tacos tjs 664 east was polite, efficient, and fast.  The crew handled a steady stream dinner crowd like a well-oiled machine, a machine with smiles!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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