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Boot trays aren't just for footwear

Boot tray used as a plant tray
Boot trays make great plant trays, helping to protect furniture surfaces.

Just about every household has one in some form or fashion, be it a bonafide tray or even a simple small rug to help keep floors clean, dry, and routinely worn shoes organized.  Typically located near an entryway, boot trays help to prevent dirt, mud, snow, and water from being tracked through the house.  The most important feature of a boot tray in my humble opinion is how it keeps moisture off your floors, no slipping, no sliding, less clean up and nicer looking floors long term.

But boot trays can be multi-purpose.

I've got a small coffee table that isn't being used as intended.  I've also got an ever-changing 'plantscape' in my house, so I've put that small coffee table to good plantscape use.  It's a fairly new table, so I also want to help protect the finish.

How do you do that?  Yes, you guessed it, use a boot tray.

I'm into the industrial look for furniture, so I picked up an inexpensive, black plastic boot tray to serve as a plant tray.  This is going to prevent any moisture and/or dirt spills - and they're going to happen - from hitting the surface of the coffee table.  Water spillage coming in contact with wood is not a good combination, especially if you miss getting all the moisture during a clean-up or wipe-down (think misting plants).  Unsightly water stains are one thing, but standing water on wood can give that table or plant stand a distressed wood look in a hurry, NOT good if that's not the look you're going for!

Boot trays range greatly in price, color, and materials, so it's easy to customize a look catered to your tastes.  You can go inexpensive and functional, or go bold!

Other alternate uses for boot trays:

  • Pet food mat (very popular use)
  • Litter box tray
  • Paint tray
  • Put a tray under the humidifier to collect spills, keeping the floor dry
  • If you're into raising chickens in the backyard, boot trays make great 'collection' trays.  They're way easier to clean than the henhouse floor.
  • Keep one in the garage or shop by the workbench, they speed up the process of sorting and organizing bolts, screws, and nails and keep drops off the floor.

Boot trays are multi-taskers, and inexpensive too!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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