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Steak Dinner Date Night at A & J's Music Room

Steak Dinner, chilled salad not pictured.
A perfectly prepared steak

It's been a while since I've enjoyed a steak dinner at perhaps the best bang-for-your-steak-buck in Wichita, A & J's Music Room.

Thursday night is steak night, for $10.99 you get a 10-ounce top sirloin steak and a choice of two sides.  If you're an early arrival, there's Happy Hour from 2 -6 p.m., with $1.75 well drinks and $2.50 domestic bottles.  

Meeting up with Jennifer for a casual date night dinner after work, I arrived at A & J's at about 5:20 pm, hoping to beat the anticipated steak night dinner crowd.  Jennifer arrived soon after.   We didn't have any trouble finding a seat, the place was at about half capacity.  Our server greeted us right away and she took our drink and meal order.  Both of us went with a salad with Ranch dressing and asparagus to go with our steaks.

Our drinks were quickly served and the salads soon followed.  A & J's serves up a nice bowl of chilled salad, nothing fancy, but refreshing, and the dressing is served on the side.  Enjoying the salads and some small talk pleasantries, the timing of the steaks was perfect, just after we finished the rabbit food, they were delivered to our table.  The steaks were perfectly cooked to order, medium rare, thick, tender, juicy, and seasoned well.  There was no need for any salt, pepper, or steak sauce, they were excellent as prepared.  The asparagus was also cooked perfectly, tender crisp, seasoned well, and just the right amount of butter.

Enjoying our meal and the table cleared, Jennifer and I continued to visit as the steak dinner crowd started filing in, including a large group for a birthday party.  A & J's makes a good steak dinner, a perfect compliment to the laid-back atmosphere of the place.

If you're looking for a satisfying dinner that won't break the bank, consider A & J's Music Room and their Thursday Night Steak Dinner.  Located at 1602 S Meridian Ave, Wichita, KS 67213, the food was good and it was served quickly, as was our first round of drinks.  The only knock I had, and it's minor, was a lack of follow-up on a drink refill.  Our check was delivered to the table with a courteous, "I'll take that whenever you're ready" by the server, but she didn't ask if we needed anything else.  Despite that minor thing, it's still a good steak at a great price and worthy of a repeat visit.  It was a Bachelor on the Cheap wallet-friendly date night dinner.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike




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