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Thinking Out Loud: Arby's to bring back potato cakes, to include a spicy version

Potato Cakes
Potato Cakes, an Arby's fan favorite

I wish!

Yes, that's a wishful-thinking headline.  

I was a huge fan of the Arby's Potato Cake.  When they were still on the menu, potato cakes were my go-to side when I ordered a meal from Arby's.  In fact, I would crave them, the cakes would often be my primary reason to visit Arby's, with what sandwich to pair with the cakes a secondary thought.

For me, they were the ultimate fried potato, better than fries, better than regular tater tots elsewhere, with that awesome crunchy exterior and fluffy potato interior.  Those golden-brown triangles of fried potato deliciousness were so good, I wished they were a side competitors would copycat.

But Arby's discontinued the tater cake side back in early 2021, in favor of crinkle-cut fries.

Hey Arby's, the crinkle-cut fries suck!

In today's "Available for a limited time" fast food world (think the McDonald's McRib, Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa, or Long John Silver's Lobster Bites), you would think Arby's would occasionally put potato cakes on the menu "for a limited time," after all, it's a cult favorite.  But they haven't done so.  Go to the Arby's Facebook page and you'll see somewhere in the various comments, and multiple times, people begging, if not demanding Arby's to bring back those tater cakes.

The decision to drop tater cakes for crinkle-cut fries was obviously a financial one, it's cheaper to produce fries than cakes.  The decision certainly wasn't based on taste, because again, those crinkle-cut fries suck.  I say market the tater cakes, take advantage of the "available for a limited time," offer - it would boost overall sales.  And I say kick things up a notch, also offering a spicy version of the tater cakes, as spicy nuggets, spicy chicken sandwiches, and spicy versions of burgers are all the rage right now.

Arby's is missing a big opportunity here.  PUT POTATO CAKES BACK ON THE MENU, to include a spicy version (or perhaps a sriracha ketchup dipping sauce).  Manipulate the "limited time" mantra.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike



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