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Trident Seafoods Alaska Salmon Burgers
Quarter Pound Patties

I have fond memories of my mom making salmon patties when I was a kid.  Made from scratch using canned salmon, the convenience of frozen salmon 'burgers' at the grocery store wasn't available back in the day.  Mom's recipe is a time-tested winner, but it's not quick meal friendly, so I'm glad that frozen salmon patty (makers like to call them 'burgers') convenience is available today!  

Salmon in patty form isn't just convenient, but rather tasty too.  A salmon 'burger' slapped on a toasted bun and topped with a cilantro/lime Ranch dressing...  It's Another Dose of YUM!  I also love a salmon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast.  Talk about a delicious, high-protein start to the day!

I recently did a review of Fremont Fish Market Salmon Burgers from Aldi (link below) and really liked them, so when shopping recently at Costco, I picked up a package of Trident Seafoods Alaska Salmon Burgers to sample and review.

Wild-caught salmon, these burgers are quarter-pounders, a very satisfying portion.  I pan-fried the burger per the package instructions.  You can also do them in the oven and I think they would be excellent done on the grill, microwaving is not recommended.

Salmon Burger
Pan fry preparation, the burgers brown up nicely, but the patties are under-seasoned.

They browned up nicely and that first bite was nice and juicy, but these patties are a bit lacking in the flavor department on their own.  You do get some hints of onion and garlic, but the ingredients of rosemary and mesquite smoke are almost non-existent.  Underseasoned, this is a burger that definitely needs some help with additional salt, pepper, condiments, etc.

Costing me $14 for a 3-pound bag (12 'burgers' at 1/4 pound each), I'm giving Trident Seafoods Alaska Salmon Burgers 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars.  They're reasonably priced at just $1.16 per patty, er, 'burger', and at a quarter pound addresses the hunger.  But the recipe comes up short on stand-alone flavor.  In comparison, the Fremont Fish Market Salmon Burgers I recently reviewed were tastier.  If I had to choose based on flavor alone, I'd pick Fremont.  The price and patty size of the Trident Burgers, however, make it worthy of a repeat buy.  Nothing a little doctoring can't fix, but I will be looking for other salmon burger options.

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$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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