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Maintaining a gluten-free diet after the 30-day challenge

A BFD Breakfast
A BFD breakfast of chicken, eggs, and cheese

I recently completed a 30-day gluten-free challenge, eliminating wheat products from the daily menu. It was a very successful challenge, I lost some weight and more importantly, I feel better as a result, with no aches, pains, or digestive problems from eating too much gluten. I've maintained the GF diet regimen, but something else I've added to the routine is a reduction in red meat consumption. I've lowered my intake of beef and pork, replacing those meats with more chicken and fish. 

I counted calories, and tracked protein and carb intake, as well as sodium and sugar numbers during the course of the challenge, the tracking, is now a habit.  I stayed gluten-free by eliminating wheat products from my daily diet, often replacing those items with gluten-free alternatives, but for the most part, I stayed gluten-free by omission.  It wasn't all that tough to do and the cravings for bread, crackers and such were minimal.

This morning's breakfast consisted of a chicken patty, two eggs over easy, and a melt of Mozzarella cheese.  That's a very satisfying breakfast of just 390 calories, packing 32 grams of protein and just 4 grams of carbs.

The diet kind of morphed from being gluten-free, into what I coined the BFD Diet, or Breakfast for Dinner, a.k.a., the Big F'n Deal Diet.  The focus is maintaining a gluten-free regimen, with a high protein, low carb intake.

The primary proteins are sourced from chicken, fish, eggs, and cheese, along with nuts, seeds, and an occasional helping of beans.  Carbs are restricted, the body needs them for fuel, but instead of getting those carbs in the form of wheat, via bread, crackers, and chips, I get all the carbs I need from veggies, fruits, and those nuts, and seeds.

The BFD Diet has been a money saver too.  In addition to the savings from not buying so much beef, I've also seen savings from not buying traditional wheat products such as sliced bread, buns, rolls, pizza crust, crackers, chips, and noodles.  I've replaced some of that with gluten-free alternatives, products that do run higher in price, but my consumption of those carb-loaded foods has dropped dramatically.

The BFD Diet for me, is now my eating habit.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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