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The Bachelor on the Cheap Gluten-Free Diet Challenge 2023 - Day 10, Featuring Curley's Mesquite BBQ Sauce

Curley's Mesquite BBQ SauceBachelorontheCheap.com

I can't believe it's been 10 days already since starting this diet.  Time flies when you're having fun, right?  This has certainly been an educational experience.

Today I had some BBQ pork rib fun, featuring Curley's BBQ Sauce.  It's a brand I had never tried before, not even during my BBQ Sauce Challenge done back in 2019, Curley's wasn't available in my neck of the woods at that time.

BBQ Sauce Challenge: Ranking the popular BBQ sauces from worst to first

I picked up a bottle of Curley's during my last grocery shop.  While I prefer to make my own BBQ sauce, I do always have a store-bought bottled version in my pantry for times when I don't have any of my stuff on hand and am not in the mood for making some.  But my old favorite bottled sauces have wheat ingredients in them.

Not all bottled barbecue sauces are gluten-free, many of them contain wheat.  Check for ingredients on the label such as Modified Food Starch (a wheat-based thickener) and Worcestershire Sauce (which may use a barley malt vinegar base).  Basically, if the bottle does not state "Gluten Free," it isn't.

A Kansas City-style barbecue sauce, Curley's has been around since 1955 and made a name for itself with its hickory smoke-flavored sauce.  Sweet and tangy like its Hickory cousin, the Mesquite version uses the same award-winning recipe, but swaps out the smoke flavor.  Costing around $3.50 for a 20-ounce bottle at the mainstream grocery store, it's worthy of a repeat buy and being gluten-free, now has a reserved spot in my pantry.

Here's the Day 10 Menu:

GF Diet Day 10

Curley's BBQ Sauce
Read those bottled sauce and dressing labels!

Overall, a good diet day, staying gluten-free, but mostly through abstention, with the only gluten-free product I consumed being Curley's Mesquite Barbecue Sauce.  I enjoyed the sauce when having a couple of ribs for an afternoon snack.  I would have had more of the sauce when enjoying more of those ribs during dinner, but I wanted to keep that carb count in check.  And yes, my ribs are quite good, with or without sauce.

I'm feeling good with this diet and look forward to Day 11.  Stay tuned for another restaurant review!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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