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The Bachelor on the Cheap Gluten-Free Diet Challenge 2023 - Day 18

Thinking Out Loud: Reversing the daily menu to lose weight

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Another Thinking Out Loud Moment when in a diet frame of mind...

I've been on a gluten-free diet, coming up on the three-week mark.  In addition to dropping any wheat products from the daily menu and trying gluten-free products instead, I've also been counting calories, monitoring protein and carb counts, and tweaking the diet as I go along.

Part of that tweaking has been to try and flip-flop when a traditional food item is consumed during the day.  Eggs and bacon for breakfast?  Eat them for lunch or dinner instead.  Pizza and salad for dinner?  Nope, that's now breakfast food.   And if you're going to eat dessert, do it for lunch, DON'T make it the last thing you eat for the day.  It's a flip-flop of the traditional menu, a reversal of what's typically eaten for dinner is now breakfast, and what is typically eaten for breakfast becomes the dinner norm (no pancakes or waffles allowed).

The goal is to consume fewer carbs and when carbs are consumed, to eat the bulk of them earlier in the day, so the body can burn the glucose off with the day's activity, rather than store it as fat.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike


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