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Use vinegar to kills weeds instead of a commercial weedkiller product

Homemade weedkiller using vinegar
Just a few household items make a good weedkiller

Why mess with potentially dangerous chemicals when you can use a household staple that's A LOT less expensive to boot?

Commonly used in salad dressing, pickling, and an ingredient with 'twang' in a variety of recipes, vinegar is also great when used as a cleaning agent and makes a fantastic weed killer!

Here's a quick 'recipe' for using vinegar as a weedkiller, far safer, A LOT cheaper, and just as effective as a commercial weedkiller product.

Ingredients for a standard spray bottle of weedkiller:

  • One 32-ounce bottle of regular white vinegar (you'll have a bit leftover)
  • A healthy pinch of table salt
  • A squeeze of dish soap

Put all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake lightly to combine.  You now have a dedicated spray bottle of homemade weedkiller!

This vinegar-based solution kills weeds quickly, usually within 24 hours but it does NOT discriminate.  The acid in the vinegar will burn and dry out the leaves of the plants and depending on how heavy you spray, will work its way down to the plant roots.  It will do damage to just about any kind of plant, so watch your overspray and it goes beyond the leaves.  The roots of an undesired weed can adversely affect the roots of a desired plant specimen if those roots are comingled.

The ideal use for this spray is for eliminating weeds popping up in driveways, sidewalks, and patios.  Stubborn, established weeds may need more than one application.  You can simply use straight vinegar to do the job, but the salt enhances the effectiveness of the acid in the vinegar and the soap helps the solution cling to the plant a little better.  Spray when the sun is bright and there is no threat of rain.

Inexpensive and effective, putting a bottle of homemade weedkiller together will cost you about $1.50.  Compare that to a 24-ounce bottle of Roundup Weed Killer for about $5.86.  Vinegar doesn't have multiple lawsuits pending for causing cancer.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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