A Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Going Gluten-Free For Good
The Bachelor on the Cheap Gluten-Free Challenge 2023: Day 1 Diet, Morning Snack

The Bachelor on the Cheap Gluten-Free Challenge 2023: Day 1 Diet, Breakfast


Photo by Margane Perrand/UnsplashSo I've been pretty focused on eliminating wheat products from my diet lately, but admittedly, it's been an on-again, off-again relationship for about two years now.  I haven't been diagnosed as being gluten intolerant, I haven't taken that step, but I definitely feel better when I'm not eating so much regular bread, pasta, or crackers. The sluggishness, the bloating, the indigestion... Not there when I don't eat the stuff.

So in getting serious about going gluten-free for good and as promised, here's my first entry for the Gluten-Free 2023 Challenge Diary:

Day 1 Diet, Breakfast, Saturday, May 27, 8 am.

  • Two scrambled eggs (splash of whole milk, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, 1 teaspoon chia seeds, 1 teaspoon flax seed meal, NO salt)
  • Three slices of bacon, chopped (the salt in the bacon carries the dish)
  • One slice of American cheese (yes, melted on top of the eggs)

This breakfast has about 430 calories, packs 29 grams of protein, and about 17 grams of carbs.  If I would have put those eggs in a medium tortilla, add another 100 calories and another 18 carbs.  If I would have eaten these eggs with a bun or croissant, the carb and calorie counts would have been even higher and my body would be complaining to boot from any three of the flour vessels.  No, thank you.

Adding chia seeds and flax seed meal to your eggs provides an additional boost in protein and the carbs in them (your body needs carbs for energy) are good carbs, your body burns them efficiently.  Besides being a healthy carb alternative, chia and flax add flavor and texture to the eggs which is kind of the point, if you don't enjoy a particular health food, don't eat it.

This breakfast only cost about $1.25 to prepare.  Healthy, tasty, nothing wheat about it, and pretty low carb, that's Bachelor on the Cheap Gluten-Free Challenge 2023 Friendly!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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