Mary's Unique Floral & Gift - Derby
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Flower Shops in the Wichita Metro

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Guys, when was the last time you bought your lady some flowers?

Putting a smile on your lady's face is what it's all about and buying her flowers needs to be a habit, not something you only do for a birthday, Valentine's day, or the dreaded, "I'm sorry" bouquet.  From a single rose to a large arrangement, buy her flowers, just because.  To repeat, putting a smile on your lady's face is what it's all about.  That's the reason, not some occasion.

Here's the Bachelor on the Cheap Guide for Flower Shops in the Wichita Metro, and here's a buyer's tip, don't go cheap on flowers.  Spend a few more bucks for a bigger, fresher, put-together-while-you-wait bouquet.  It will last longer and so will the smile on your lady's face.

Ana's Flower Shop - Wichita

Ascension Via Christi Flower & Gift Shop - Wichita

Beards Floral Design - Wichita

BLOOM Wichita Ltd

Dean's Design Flowers & Gifts - Wichita

Flower Factory Flowers - Wichita

Flowers by Rikki - Andover

Free State Flora - Wichita

Laurie Anne's House of Flowers - Wichita

Leeker's Floral - Park City, Wichita

Lillie's Flower Shop - Wichita

Mary's Unique Floral & Gift - Derby

Moore Flowers - Wichita

Perfect Petals Floral - Derby

Stems Floral and Special Events - Wichita

Temptation Flower Shop - Wichita

Tillie's Flower Shop - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike 

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