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Food Review: Appleton Farms Premium Pork Sausage vs. Jimmy Dean

Appleton Farms Pork SausageBachelor on the Cheap

Out of all the ground meats available at the grocery store, pork sausage is my favorite and it's not just for breakfast.  In addition to cranking out some stellar sausage patties or crumbling some up for breakfast tacos or a casserole, I use pork sausage in a number of other recipes.  When I do burgers on the grill, I do a 50/50 ground beef/pork sausage mix.  I'll use sausage rather than ground beef in a number of pasta dishes, it's excellent in chili, tacos, burritos, lettuce wraps, stir fry, and more.  The possibilities are almost endless.

It's rare that I don't have pork sausage at the ready in the refrigerator as well as a stash in the freezer.

Fixing myself a couple of sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast tacos this morning, it occurred to me that I've never reviewed Appleton Farms Premium Pork Sausage.  Appleton Farms is an Aldi brand, I've been buying their pork sausage and other products for several years now.  I'm a fan of Appleton Farms, especially considering the price.

Compared to Jimmy Dean pork sausage, perhaps the most popular name-brand choice, Appleton Farms is considerably less expensive.  A 16-ounce chub of Jimmy Dean will cost you around $5.49 at the mainstream grocery store.  A 16-ounce chub of Appleton Farms recently purchased at Aldi cost me just $2.29.  That's a difference of $3.20, significant savings!

"But Mike," you ask, "How does it compare to Jimmy Dean in taste?"

Sausage, egg & cheese breakfast taco
It's breakfast taco time!

It's a bit bland in comparison.  Jimmy Dean has a more robust flavor profile with stronger spice notes, but that flavor comes at a higher carb count price of 2 grams per 2-ounce serving.  Appleton Farms has a zero count for carbs, so if you're doing a low-carb or Keto diet, Appleton Farms is a little more diet-friendly.  Both sausages have about the same fat content, 15 grams for Jimmy Dean vs. 16 grams for Appleton Farms.  Jimmy Dean has a tad more sugar, which also contributes to that flavor profile.  Overall, although not as robust in flavor as Jimmy Dean, Appleton Farms is still a very good sausage with a nice grind, texture, and chew.  Simply doctoring it up with a little black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and Cayenne and you've got a sausage that will please any palate and performs well in any dish.

I'm giving Appleton Farms Premium Pork Sausage 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's a high-quality sausage and VERY Bachelor on the Cheap Wallet friendly.  It's my regular sausage purchase and what I routinely have on hand in my refrigerator and freezer.  In my book, Jimmy Dean isn't worth the extra $3.20 you'd shell out for it, especially when seasoning the Appleton Farms when cooking is so easy to do.  For those of you who want to just cook and eat, Appleton Farms has a "Hot" version, also in a 16-ounce chub. 

4 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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Marilyn Hoffman

I've been a fan of appleton products since i moved to ohio in 2000. Quality is consistently high, flavor is as good or better than more expensive brands and your hams are superior to any brand i've tried. Thank you for your consistent great work.

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