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Don't waste your money on detox products

Bachelor on the Cheap

Green JuiceSo after indulging the last few weeks in guilty food pleasures, the burgers, pizza, french fries, chocolate cake and the like...  You decide you need to "Detox," cleanse the body and reset.

There are all kinds of quick detox fixes online, promising some product or gimmicky little trick that will provide you what your body 'needs' to rid itself of supposed toxins.  All you need the promises claim, is some activated charcoal, pills, green juice, herbal tea, or apple cider vinegar.

That's all horse manure.  You're being marketed.  There's really no evidence that detox products actually remove toxins from your body.

Your body already does a good job of removing toxins.  Provided you have a working liver, pancreas and kidneys, you don't need some detox product or gimmick.  Seriously, you go to the bathroom right?  Bowel movements and urination is your body getting rid of stuff your body doesn't need, to include toxins.

The best ways to aid your body in dealing with supposed toxins is to do three very ordinary things:  Eat smarter, get some sleep, drink water.

Eating smarter means putting less garbage in your body, putting less stress on the liver, pancreas and kidneys.  Sure, indulge in those guilty pleasure foods once in a while, but follow it up with smarter choices afterwards.  Good eating and drinking habits results in a more efficient body and your system will be quicker to 'rejuvenate' when you do have that occasional - not habitual - burger and fries.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night plays an important role in helping your body to naturally 'detox.'  This is when your body does its best work in removing toxins from your body.  When you only allow yourself 5 hours of sleep, you didn't let your body complete some important processes.  The resulting sluggishness the next day isn't just the lack of sleep itself, it's your body under-performing due to unfinished tasks.

In order for your liver, kidneys and pancreas to perform at their best, you need to drink water and plenty of it.  Every system in your body depends on being properly hydrated.  Water doesn't get the attention that activated charcoals, pills, green juices and herbal teas do for 'detoxing' because it's not a money maker.  But water plays a much more critical role in the performance of your body than those detox products do.  Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water, so when you lay down to sleep, your body is at it's optimum and ready to perform those overnight tasks.

Don't waste your money on those supposed detox products, you don't need them.  Keep that money in your pocket, all you need to do is eat smarter, get some sleep and drink water.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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