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Thinking Out Loud: Diners would appreciate a true Keto restaurant

Avocado, 'stuffed'
I would order this in a heartbeat, think of all the topping options...

Another Thinking Out Loud moment...  The wheels are always spinning...

Many restaurants these days have menu options that satisfy specific dietary needs and restrictions, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free being the more common dietary requests.

Going beyond menu options, restaurants, bakeries and meal prep kitchens that are dedicated to specific dietary needs such as vegan and gluten free are enjoying a rapid rise in popularity.

But eating keto is a bit left out.  Sure, you can order a burger or sandwich without a bun - wrapping it up in lettuce instead - but most eating establishments don't really have true keto options, let alone a dedicated menu.  It's more like, "order something without the potato" or "hold the rice."  About 5% of Americans eat keto, compared to about 0.5% who eat vegan (that means 1/2 a percent for those of you who live in Valley Center).  Yet vegan has gone from "diet" status to being named a cuisine.

Keto deserves the same status change, it's no longer just a diet, it's a cuisine!  A method of cooking in its own right, give me a BBQ restaurant that uses sugar free rubs and serves tender brisket that doesn't need a molasses, brown sugar and ketchup based sauce.  Give me a pizza joint that is dedicated to a low carb, keto friendly crust that tastes and chews like a regular crust.  How about a joint that serves up avocados similar to how some places serve up baked potatoes?  Somebody develop a charcuterie board restaurant chain that creates a 'board' for you in Subway or Jimmy Johns fashion.  Walk in, order "The Mobster" a selection of deli sliced pepperoni, salami and prosciutto, coupled with Italian hard cheeses like Parmesan and Asiago.  Boxed up with some arugula, peppers and olives and a side of olive oil w/crushed black pepper to dip in... well that's a great lunch!

You can't tell me that a fast casual restaurant with a full fledged charcuterie board menu wouldn't be an immediate hit!  Hmmm...  Menu development forthcoming, to include those 'stuffed' avocados...

So there 'ya go, some ideas for a restaurateur to open up something keto...

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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