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Bachelor on the Cheap Aldi Logo

The award winning discount grocer is the fastest growing grocery chain in the United States.  They're not into special services or fancy displays and week in, week out has the lowest prices for core products such as bread, milk, eggs and produce.

I'm a fan and do my regular weekly grocery shopping there.  I've compared Aldi to the mainstream grocery store in a number of shops and Aldi consistently wins with cheaper prices, without a sacrifice in product quality.

Grocery Store Prices - a side-by-side comparison - 01/17/2023

Grocery Prices 16Jan2023

Aldi was the cheapest place to shop this week, for the second consecutive week. They take their position of being the overall lowest priced grocery option quite seriously. Items dropping in price were bacon, chicken broth, ground beef, tilapia, milk and roma tomatoes over the previous week. Read On...

Food Review: Boneless Pork Loin from Aldi -12/23/2022

Boneless Pork Loin from Aldi

My favorite pork cut is the boneless pork loin. You can treat it like a roast, cut it into chops, slice it thin for grilled sandwiches or chunk it up for kabobs. It’s cheap, delicious and a bonus is its flavor versatility. It absorbs marinades/sauces well for any pork dish and works great with just about any chicken recipe to boot! Try using pork loin instead of that chicken breast or chicken thigh in your favorite chicken recipe, you’ll like it!  Read On...

Food Review: Season's Choice Potato Puffs from Aldi - 11/22/2022

Season's Choice Potato Puffs

Out of all the possible sides for a burger or sandwich, I have to say that tater tots are my favorite. Tots are also versatile, with uses going well beyond being a great side for burgers and sandwiches. You can top casseroles with them, include them in a breakfast tortilla wrap, use them as a base to make some creative nachos with.  Read On...

Food Review: Cheese Club Macaroni and Cheese Dinner from Aldi - 11/05/2022

Cheese Club Macaroni and Cheese

I love to cook and making a scratch mac & cheese and baking it in the oven is my preference, but there are those times when you want a quick meal and have a need to satisfy that pasta and cheese craving.  Read On...

Food Review: Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Flounder - 10/21/2022

Fremont Fish Market Wild Caught Flounder

After a recent doctor visit where I was 'cautioned' about LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and sodium intake, I've eliminated fast food from my diet. On a mission to better heart and cardiovascular health, I've also reduced my consumption of bacon, sausages and burgers prepared at home, replacing those items with leaner meats and fish. Read On...

Butter shortage predicted ahead of the holidays, stock up at Aldi, it's cheaper than the mainstream grocery store - 10/15/2022

Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter

Just ahead of the holidays, this is when Americans do more cooking and A LOT of baking. The timing couldn't be worse.  A butter shortage?  Seriously?  Labor shortages and supply chain issues are to blame for the decreased supply, and increased costs for dairy farmers were cited for the price hike.  Read On...

Instant Mashed Potatoes - Aldi vs. Dollar Tree vs. Mainstream Grocery Store - 10/12/2022

Chef's Cupboard Mashed Potatoes

Here's another example of why I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at Aldi.

Instant mashed potatoes, Aldi's store brand, Chef's Cupboard. You can get a 13.75 ounce box of plain mashed for $1.39.  Read On...

Food Review: Fremont Fish Market Jumbo Shrimp - 10/06/2022

Fremont Fish Market Shrimp

When I'm in the mood to cook a seafood dish at home, shrimp is my go-to. It could be shrimp scampi with pasta, shrimp & grits, Buffalo shrimp, shrimp tacos or shrimp stir fry, that's one of the great things about shrimp, it's so versatile, fitting well in just about any cuisine.  Read On...

If you're into Mums, buy them at Aldi - 09/03/2022

Mums from Aldi

It's Mum season! 8" Mums are just $3.99 at Aldi while supplies last. That price beats what you'll pay at Lowe's, a garden center or the mainstream grocery store. I picked up 5 plants this morning for a grand total of $19.95 + tax.  Read On...

If you're not a regular shopper at Aldi, why not? - 07/18/2022

Aldi Eastgate

I do my regular, routine, weekly shopping at Aldi.


Because they offer good products at consistently the lowest grocery prices in town. It's simple, I'd rather pay $2.75 for a 16 ounce bottle of olive oil at Aldi, than pay $6.99 for a similar bottle at Dillon's.  Read On...

Food Review: Parkview Cheddar Brats - 07/05/2022

Parkview Cheddar Brats

No fridge or freezer is complete without a variety of bratwurst, hot dogs or sausages of some sort in it.  Read On...

Product Review: Barissimo Hazelnut Flavored Coffee Creamer - 06/24/2022

Barissimo Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

Every morning, millions of Americans wake up to (or need it to wake up) a cup of coffee, java, joe, brew, mud, bean juice, morning jolt, wakey juice, call it what you will.... Many of those folks can't drink it black however, it's GOT to have some creamer in it.....  Read On...

Food Review: Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon - 06/11/2021

Appleton Farms Bacon

Bacon has been an American breakfast staple since Oscar Meyer introduced pre-packaged, pre-sliced bacon to the country in 1924. But it's not just for breakfast anymore.... Everything's better with bacon! The crispy, smoky, savory goodness of bacon is irresistable and makes just about whatever you're having for breakfast, lunch or dinner that much better.  Read On...

Food Review: Bremer Gyros Sandwich Kit - 01-31-2021

Bremer Gyros

Who doesn't like a good Gyro, right?

The warm pita, the tzatziki sauce, that delicious meat sliced so thin but piled thick and everything topped with juicy, red tomato, and a little onion.... It's another does of YUM!  Read On...

The new Aldi on Kellogg Rocks - 05/11/2020

Aldi Logo

I no longer have to drive down to Derby to shop at an Aldi or hit every light driving up Rock Road and then on 21st to get some groceries at the Aldi there.

Opening on May 7th, the new Aldi in the Eastgate Shopping Center on Kellogg is truly appreciated by Aldi fans like me and what a great store!  Read On...

Hazelnut Coffee Review: Barissimo Hazelnut Coffee from Aldi - 01/01/2020

Barissimo Hazelnut Coffee

Back in May of 2019, I completed a hazelnut flavored coffee challenge, in search of the best one. I've since found another one to add to the list. Barissimo Hazelnut Coffee, available at Aldi, is definitely a coffee you should consider. Read On...

Food Review: Kirkwood Turkey Breast - 11/29/2019

Kirkwood Turkey Breast

When you don't want or need to cook up a big bird or perhaps you prefer to carve bone-free meat, buying a boneless turkey breast has many advantages.  Read On...

Food Review: Appleton Farms Spiral Ham - 12/26/2018

Appleton Farms Spiral Ham

I'm a ham for Christmas dinner kind of guy, but it was just a party of one this year so I didn't need a big ham for my Christmas meal. Something less than 5 pounds did the trick, some ham for dinner and then the tasty leftovers to enjoy later.  Read On...

Mainstream Grocery vs. Discount Grocery: Dillon's (Kroger) vs. Aldi - 03/08/2018

Aldi Shopping

On my list of things to do today was grocery shopping, so after enjoying some bacon and eggs for breakfast (One never wants to grocery shop on an empty stomach) I headed out to my local Aldi to pick up a few eats. It was business as usual, but on a whim while loading groceries into my truck, I decided to head over to Dillon's, THE mainstream grocery store in the Wichita area. Pulling out my grocery list for a second time, I bought all the same stuff at the 'Top Dog' store for a cost comparison.  Read On...

Creamer vs. Creamer: Coffee Mate vs. International Delight vs. store brand vs. discount brand - 02/06/2018


In a Bachelor on the Cheap evaluation of creamers, I bought two national brands, a store brand as well as a discount grocer brand and compared them. All creamers purchased were 32 ounce containers. I considered price, label/ingredients and of course, taste. Here's what I found in this test, tasting each creamer starting with the highest priced first:  Read On...


$pend Wisely My Friends...

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