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Planning that Super Bowl Menu

Super Bowl 2023
Eagles vs. Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII

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Super Bowl Sunday is February 12, Kickoff is at 5:30pm (CST).  The Halftime performer is Rhianna.

It's time to start planning that Super Bowl watch party menu.

The most popular item is wings, which will actually be a little cheaper and more available to wing fans this year.  Wing prices are down 22% year-over year.  Supply was tight and higher prices curtailed demand, but there is a greater availability of chicken now.

You can't have a Super Bowl without guacamole.  This too will be cheaper to prepare vs. last year, with avocado prices dropping 20% since the Rams beat the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI.  Apparently there was a bumper crop of those bright green fruits with large pits and leathery skin.

If your Super Bowl menu includes beef, you'll be glad to know the price of sirloin is down about $1 a pound vs. last year.  Can you say, "Sirloin bites with garlic butter?"  Yes, yes you can...  Beef prices are dropping in response to drooping demand for steaks and roasts.

With food prices in general up 10.4% year-over-year, it's good to see that some Super Bowl favorites won't cost more for Super Bowl LVII.  Not all the favorites are in a price decline mode though.  It's going to cost you more to quench that game day thirst. The price of beer is up 11% and soda is up a whopping 25%.  You'll pay an average of 6% more this year for wine and spirits.

Here are some very tasty and crowd pleasing recipe ideas that won't break the bank for your Super Bowl Sunday:

Game Day Recipe Ideas from BachelorontheCheap.com

Go Chiefs!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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