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No Spend Sunday

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Sunday, it's a day of rest for many, a day filled with activity for others.  Sundays may entail going to church, working on a hobby or project, spending time with family, dining out, perhaps going to the beach or a park.

It's a keep it simple day for me.  I like to unplug from the work week, perhaps wind down a bit from an active social Saturday.  Sunday is a focus on my immediate surroundings - my home, my castle and yes, me.  Helping to keep things simple means Sunday is a No Spending Day for me.  Whatever it is I have planned for the day, be it working on a project, watching football, firing up the grill, or the simple pleasure of reading, I make it a goal to be a day where I don't spend any money.

When working on a project for example, such as building a raised bed garden planter, if I run out of some screws, nuts, bolts or whatever, I don't run to the hardware store to get some (it pays to plan ahead).  If I'm putting together a meal for the grill and I'm out of an ingredient, I don't go the grocery store to buy it, I find an alternative (it pays to have a well stocked pantry, freezer and fridge).  If I'm washing and vacuuming my truck and I run out of Armor All, I don't make a Walmart run, I'm content with a clean truck, I'll worry about dressing up the tires next wash.

No Spend SundayA no spend Sunday (pick any day that works for you) helps with the budget.  It's amazing how much money can be spent in impromptu fashion and for things that weren't budgeted for, those screws, that pound of sausage or carton of eggs, that bottle of Armor All.  Those Walmart, Lowe's, Ace Hardware and grocery store spending trips can tally up quickly.  How often do you go to the grocery store for one or two items and walk out with just those one or two items?  Unplanned for spending can create spending shortfalls when it comes to paying bills later in the month or putting money in savings, especially if you're living paycheck to paycheck.

A No Spend Day simplifies the accounting process and forces you to take on a playing chess mindset if you will, thinking a move ahead. I don't have to make that "Ooops!" grocery store run because I ran out of ketchup.  I pull out a new bottle from the pantry instead.  I don't have to head to Walmart or Dillons to pick up a bag of charcoal for grilling because I forgot to pick up a bag my last trip.  I add more pecan wood to what charcoal I have left instead.  Thinking a move ahead leads to surplus and having a surplus means less stress, both in-the-moment and looking at the bills coming due vs. balance remaining in the checking account stress. 

The biggest benefit to a No Spend Sunday is time management.  Making those impromptu, off-budget spending runs takes time, time away from what you would rather be doing.

Try creating a No Spend Day for yourself, it will help you save money, time and reduce stress!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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