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Food Review: Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Supreme Pizza

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Supreme Pizza
The 'New Recipe' claim intrigued me

By Mike Thayer

Pizza is without question my favorite food.  Burgers come in at #2.  Each has a dedicated category on

With a busy schedule and convenience in mind, frozen pizza was on the menu today, leading to a review of Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Supreme Pizza. 

Mama Cozzi's is an Aldi Brand.  Offering a full lineup of frozen pizzas, take-and-bake pizzas, calzones and other pizza related delights, Mama Cozzi's main appeal is price.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen
Sparse with the sausage, decent amount of veggies

I've had the Mama Cozzi's Combo pizza before, a combo of pepperoni and sausage.  It was unremarkable and scored only 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  The link to that review is below.  Not impressed by that lack of flavor pizza experience back in 2020, I've steered clear of Mama Cozzi's since then.  But seeing the boast of a new recipe on the packaging and craving some pizza in my latest visit to Aldi, I went for it.

Prepared as directed, I did not doctor this pizza like I usually do - adding mushrooms, extra cheese, perhaps some onion - I wanted to sample this "new recipe" as is.

Mama Cozzi's
Fresh from the oven

At first look after taking the pizza out of the packaging, the portion of meat is the same as for their pepperoni/sausage combo pizza.  Not exactly generous with the meats, it is a discount brand after all, the portion of green pepper and onion was actually decent as was the coverage of cheese.  My hopes, not high going in, went up a bit with that "new recipe" in mind.

Mama Cozzi's continues to disappoint in the flavor department.  I don't know what is new about this recipe, because the pizza lacks flavor in every way, the meats aren't robust, particularly the sausage.  The sauce is bland, the crust is unsalted cracker boring, lacking that flaky, crackly/crispy bite you get in a good crust.  Doctoring the crust up with garlic butter is a must.  The only redeeming qualities about this pie was green pepper and onion in every bite and a good melt on the cheese. 

Mama Cozzi's Pizza
Unsalted cracker boring crust

Costing me $3.49 at Aldi, I'm giving Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Supreme Pizza 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  The price is right, but only if you're into a boring pizza that lacks garlic and oregano notes, well seasoned sausage and a bit of kick to the pepperoni.  This pizza really needed the add of Parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper flake to make it more enjoyable.

3 stars

Like everything else, the price for Mama Cozzi's is up.  A pizza that cost $3 in 2020, now costs 49 cents more.  Considering how much other items have gone up due to inflation and supply chain issues post-pandemic, that's actually not bad as far as increases go, but why pay the increase for an "eh" pizza?    The best frozen pizza bang for the buck is still with Tony's.

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I had the bbq chicken and it had 8 tiny pieces of chicken and a lot of red onion. It didn't taste bad, but you didn't taste chicken.


Please do not continue to print baking instructions in small type black ink on a dark red background. That discriminates against people with poor vusion, especially the seniors. The design on the flatbread box is poor.

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