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Food Review: Burman's Mayonnaise

Burman's Mayonnaise
It's as good as Kraft Real Mayonnaise

By Mike Thayer

You know that saying, "Everything is better with bacon"...?  I think mayonnaise is a close second to that.  Slightly tangy and super creamy, mayo makes just about everything better!  It turns a dry sandwich into a much more delicious moist one.  It elevates a grilled cheese, is vital in making a great deviled egg, takes on just about any flavor you want in making a quick aioli, it's a base ingredient in many dips, dressings and salads, heck, there are cake recipes that call for it!

I've tried a number of mayos over the years, name brands like Hellman's, Kraft, Miracle Whip (not a true mayo), Duke's and a host of discount brands.  All of them dress up a sandwich, although Miracle Whip is too sweet for my liking, but some brands work better for dips, others make a better potato, chicken or tuna salad. 

Burman's, an Aldi discount brand, is a good all purpose Mayonnaise.  It won't disappoint any way you use it.  It's got a pretty neutral flavor not unlike Kraft Real Mayonnaise, not too "eggy," not too "vinegary," so it easily takes on any flavor you want to throw into it.

Costing me $3.45 for a 30 ounce jar at Aldi, I'm giving Burman's Real Mayonnaise 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  You can't go wrong with this mayo, especially for the price.  Compare the Aldi price to the name brand prices for 30 ounce jars at the mainstream grocery store:

  • Kraft Real Mayonnaise - $4.49
  • Miracle Whip - $5.99
  • Duke's Real Mayonnaise - $5.99
  • Hellman's Real Mayonnaise - $6.29
  • Sir Kensington's - $9.49 (32 ounce jar)

Ouch on the Sir Kensington's price!

You save $1.04 by buying Burman's over Kraft Real Mayonnaise and even more vs. the other brands.  Burman's is VERY repeat buy worthy and is a staple in my pantry and fridge.

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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