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Cafe, Coffee Shop and Diner Food in Wichita

Dave, Coffee Shop and Diner Food in WichitaBy Mike Thayer

Comfort food and coffee, hmm, sounds like a good name for a restaurant...  Both have a rich history of putting smiles on peoples faces.

Wichita is a haven for great coffee and comfort food, there are all kinds of fun and delicious options to explore. 

Meatloaf, chicken fried steak, mac and cheese - all favorites on just about anybody's comfort food list and you can find them all and more in the ICT.  

Coffee, java, brew, cup of Joe, cappuccino, latte, espresso - A good morning doesn't start until that first sip and Wichita delivers it.

So whether it's just coffee for breakfast, a hearty breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, here's the BachelorontheCheap.com Cafe, Coffee Shop and Diner Food Guide to help you sort through all the great comfort food and coffee options in the Wichita Metro. Family dining and coffee drinking at its finest!

Is your favorite spot listed?

Bagatelle Bakery - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Coffee Daze - Wichita

Common Grounds Coffee House - Wichita

Copper Oven Cafe - Wichita

Country Cafe - Wichita

Crafted: Coffee, Tea, Poké - Wichita

Crutch & Biscuit - Wichita

Delano's Diner - Wichita

Denny's - Wichita

Doo-Dah Diner - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Dunkin' - Derby, Wichita

Egg Cetera - Wichita

Egg Crate Cafe - Wichita

Elderslie Farm - Kechi

Fairmount Coffee Co. - Wichita

Fat Ernie's Family Dining - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

First Mile Kitchen - Wichita

Frost Bake House & Cremery - Wichita

Great Harvest Bread Co. - Wichita

HomeGrown Wichita - Wichita

Huddle House - Wichita

IHOP - Wichita

Il Primo Espresso Cafe - Wichita

Java Villa Cafe - Wichita

Jimmie's Diner - Wichita

Jimmys Egg - Wichita

Kelly's Family Diner - Wichita

Kookaburra Coffee - Wichita

La Galette French Bakery - Wichita

Leslie Coffee - Wichita

Livingston's Cafe - Wichita

Livingston's Diner - Wichita

Lotus Leaf Cafe, LLC - Wichita

Magnolia Cafe - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Milkfloat - Wichita

Mokas Cafe - Wichita

Moxi Junction - Maize

Old Mill Tasty Shop - Wichita

Panera Bread - Derby, Wichita

Paradise Donuts - Wichita

Poppie's Cafe - Wichita

R Coffee House - Wichita

Reverie Coffee Roasters - Wichita

Riverside Café - Wichita

Rusted Rooster - Andover

Scooter's Coffee - Andover, Wichita

Spears Restaurant - Wichita

Starbucks Coffee Company - Andover, Derby, Wichita

Stroud's - Wichita

Sunflour Cafe & Collective - Wichita

Tanya's Soup Kitchen - Wichita

The COOP & Coffee House - Derby

The Easy Egg Breakfast & Lunch - Wichita

The Kitchen - Wichita

Tropical Smoothie Cafe - Wichita

Vagabond Cafe - Wichita

Village Inn - Derby, Wichita

Watermark Books & Café - Wichita


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