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The sandwich selections in the Wichita Metro are vast and delicious

Bachelor on the Cheap

Jason's Deli SandwichSubs, hoagies, grinders, heroes, torpedoes, po boys, etc...  It doesn't matter what you call meat, cheese and veggies placed between two slices of bread, you'll find all kinds of great sandwich combinations and deliciousness in the Wichita Metro, from Banh mi to Tuna.  The Earl of Sandwich would be proud, drooling proud in fact...

You can find all the sandwich delights around town in the Bachelor on the Cheap Sub/Deli/etc., Sandwich Guide!

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Is your favorite sandwich shop listed?

Angelo's Italian Foods - Wichita

Artichoke Sandwich Bar - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Barn'rds - Wichita

Casey's - Derby, Haysville, Wichita, Valley Center

Charleys Cheesesteaks - Wichita

Cheezie's Pizza - Wichita

Cinnamon's Deli - Wichita

City Bites - Wichita

Doc Green's Gourmet Salads & Grill - Derby, Wichita

Domino's - Andover, Derby, Wichita

Firehouse Subs - Wichita

Gambino's Pizza - Andover, Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs - Wichita

Jason's Deli - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Jersey Mike's - Wichita

Jimmy John's - Wichita

Jumbo's Beef & Brew - Wichita

Kimlan Sandwiches - Wichita 

MADROCKS Sports Bar - Derby

Marchello's Restaurant - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Marco's Pizza - Haysville, Wichita

Mi No Bakery & Banh Mi - Wichita

McAlister's Deli - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Metro Bistro - Andover

Metro Grill - Wichita

Mustang Deli - Wichita

Old Mill Tasty Shop - Wichita

Panera Bread - Derby, Wichita

Picasso's Pizzeria - Wichita

Planet Sub - Wichita

Poplar Restaurant - Andover

Pumphouse - Wichita

QuikTrip - Derby, Park City, Wichita

Schlotzsky's - Wichita

Solly & Jude's Sandwich Bar - Wichita  Opens Feb. 24, 2023

Subway - Wichita

Tanya's Soup Kitchen - Wichita

The Kitchen - Wichita

The Monarch - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)

Whiskey Dick's - Wichita (BOTC Recommended!)

Wichita Brewing Co. - Wichita

Ziggy's Pizza - Wichita  (BOTC Recommended!)


$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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