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Food Review: QuickTrip Classic Grilled Cheese

QuikTrip Classic Grilled Cheese
QT Kitchens makes a nice grilled cheese.

By Mike Thayer

The grilled cheese sandwich, it's a comfort food classic. There's culinary beauty in it's simplicity, it's got crunch, it's hot and there's gooey cheese!  It satisfies cravings for salt, something crispy and a good cheese pull.

I double-tapped QT today for eats, grabbing a pretzel for lunch and picking up a grilled cheese for dinner.  Their in-store kiosk is handy as heck and your food is prepared while you grab a fountain drink and/or bag of chips or something to go with your order.  For me, this beats the drive through or a to-go order at a fast food joint, instead of being limited to the choices of a menu board, there's a whole store full of options for sides to choose from.

QT Kitchens Grilled Cheese
NICE cheese pull!

The QT Classic Grilled Cheese features American and cheddar jack cheeses on toasted sourdough bread.  It's tough to screw up a grilled cheese, especially when the equipment is functioning properly (timers timing, heat setting on point), but kudos to the QT personnel making sure all was in order, pulling the sandwich on time, cutting and wrapping with care.  Paying attention to even the smallest of details makes a difference and here's where QT continues to impress me, they don't do typical sloppy fast food prep.  The sandwich was well executed, there was a perfect toast on the bread, the cheese was melted nicely, evenly distributed and check out the cheese pull!

QT Kitchens Classic Grilled Cheese
The blend of American and cheddar jack cheeses makes for a nice bite.

Available for $2.69, I'm giving the QT Kitchens Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's a very respectable eat, satisfying those comfort food cravings for salty, crispy, cheesy.  It would be a pleasure to dip the QT Classic Grilled Cheese into some tomato soup, which is the plan for the next time I buy one.  Yes, for that price and the flavor it delivers, the QT Grilled Cheese is most definitely worthy of a repeat buy.

4 stars

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