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Food Review: Pueblo Lindo Flour Tortillas

20220701_110826By Mike Thayer

I love tortillas, in fact, I like them better and eat them more often than I do sliced bread.

Not just a vessel for deliciously serving up Mexican delights, tortillas are versatile.  You can use them to create a great deli sandwich wrap; cut them into quarters or slices and fry them to enjoy as chips or as a topping on soups and salads; they make a great impromptu pizza crust; bake them into a cup or bowl shape to create an edible vessel for dips, salad or fruit; use them as an alternative to noodles for casseroles - think lasagna.  Bonus #1, they can be served up savory or sweet!  Bonus #2, they freeze well, better than sliced bread in fact.

Today I'm reviewing Pueblo Lindo Flour Tortillas.  Pueblo Lindo is an Aldi brand, featuring a full line of authentic Hispanic foods to include tamales, beans, peppers, tortillas, cheeses, frozen treats and more.

I sampled the tortillas straight out of the bag, as a sandwich wrap, with tacos, and I fried some up in strips to enjoy as a crunchy topper for soup & salad.  I enjoyed the tortillas in every way.  Straight out of the bag they were soft and pliable, with the neutral flavor that is typical of a flour tortilla.  That's the beauty of flour tortillas, they provide a nice texture element in celebrating all the flavors you put in them, the tacos I prepared were awesome, with the tortillas nicely delivering all that great taco flavor!  Fried up into strips and dressing them simply with a light dusting of sea salt, they also provided a nice crunch with a cream of potato soup and a side salad.

Pueblo Lindo Flour Tortillas
Soft Taco YUM!

Costing me $1.92 for a 20 count bag of fajita sized tortillas, I'm giving Pueblo Lindo Flour Tortillas 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  They're tasty, reasonably priced, every bit as good as a name brand tortilla and definitely worthy of a repeat buy.  Compare the price to brand name Mission Fajita Super Soft Flour Tortillas at $3.49 for a 20 count bag at the mainstream grocery store.  That's a savings of $1.57 for something I don't think anybody could tell the difference of - Pueblo Lind vs. Mission - in a blind taste test.  This tortilla comparison is yet another example of why shopping at Aldi rather than the mainstream grocery store is a prudent move that will save you A LOT of money.

5 stars

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I used to buy Pueblo Lindo's 70 mg sodium content small fajita tortillas ,(20 pieces bag).. I am on restricted salt diet, so I could eat the tortillas without any dietary concerns. In the past year these low sodium tortillas completely disappeared from Aldi's shelves. I inquired directly from their help department, to which i got a prompt response that they should be available in stores. Tried again to find the tortillas, no dice. I wrote again (there's no person to talk to directly on the phone, only email), and got the same exactly phrased response, which tells me that the response is canned. Conclusion: ALDI's DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS.

T Rhade

If it doesn't sell Sherlock, then they're not going to keep it on the shelves.


My opinion only. Worst flour tortillas ever. Not fresh and nothing soft about them. I will cut costs elsewhere but not on my tortillas. Have tried these Pueblo Linda tortillas a try twice. Won’t be a third time. Especially when I am going to throw them out which doesn’t save me money since I will have to go buy replacement tortillas.

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