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Food Review: Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami

20220509_121939(1)By Mike Thayer

Lunch meat, I always have some on hand, turkey, ham, roast beef, salami, bologna, it's all good! It's such a convenient and easy grab from the fridge too. There's the obvious in making a quick sandwich, but lunch meat isn't just for sandwiches anymore. It's versatile for all kinds of great lunch, dinner, breakfast and snack eats, you're only limited by your imagination and what lunch meat, a.k.a., cold cuts can do for you.

Always adding to my stash of lunch meats in the fridge or freezer, I picked up a package of Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami when shopping at Dollar Tree recently.

Yes, you read that right, a name brand item at Dollar Tree!

You can't go wrong with Oscar Mayer, it's a quality product.  It's not the absolute best lunch meat, bacon, or package of hot dogs out there, but rest assured, you know it will be good and won't disappoint.

A Quick Salami Education

Cotto Salami:  If you're not familiar with Cotto Salami and/or what makes it "Cotto," this salami originated in Italy and is a cooked salami.  Cotto means cooked or baked in Italian, with the meat being cooked with salt, peppercorns, garlic and spices.

Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami Snack
A quick snack... mustard, cheese & salami wraps!

Genoa Salami:  Also hailing from Italy, with the City of Genoa providing the namesake, this is an uncooked salami that is dry cured but not smoked.  Common ingredients used in the making of this salami include wine, garlic, beef, veal, and white peppercorns.  The word salami comes from the Italian word "salume," referring to the types of salted meat.

Hard Salami:  As the name states, this is a very firm meat where the salami is smoked and dry cured.  The drying process is considerably longer than it is for Genoa. The origins of Hard Salami are unknown, but varieties of it are found throughout east and central Europe.

Now you know about salami!

Oscar Mayer makes a good Cotto Salami.  Made with chicken, beef and pork, it's a medley of meaty flavor with kisses of salt, sugar and garlic.  It's a soft salami making it perfect for sandwiches.  It's tasty in an Italian pasta salad, makes a good pizza topping and is a nice change of pace ingredient in scrambled eggs or an omelette. 

Costing me $1.25 for an 8 ounce package, I'm giving Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  Reasonably priced, it has good but not great Cotto Salami flavor.  It's better than the discount brand Bar-S Foods Cotto Salami however, which in my opinion has a fattier taste to it.  Compare the Dollar Tree price to what you'll pay for Oscar Mayer at the mainstream grocery store, $2.99 but for a 16 ounce package.  Dollar Tree is the better deal, you can get two, 8 ounce packages for a salami total of 16 ounces for $2.50.

4 stars

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