Thinking Out Loud: Hey Pizza Joints, America Needs Chorizo Pizza!
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Thinking Out Loud

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The wheels are always spinning...

As a jack of all trades and a master of none, I'm always considering tasks, chores, challenges etc., how they're typically done and if perhaps there's a better way of doing something. Once-in-awhile, that kind of thinking leads to new concepts.

Some of those ideas/concepts are big ticket items, well beyond tweaking recipes, coming up with hacks, organizing a closet for a better 'get ready in the morning flow', using power tools in new ways or making multi-tasking more efficient. 

So I'm posting those thoughts on Bachelor on the Cheap and calling it, "Thinking Out Loud."

Should I hold my ideas close to the vest, jump through the hoops of obtaining rights, making proposals and networking?  Perhaps, and if I could somehow simply package these ideas up and display them for sale on a shelf in a retail store, I would.  But the good ol' days of honoring handshake deals are gone and jumping through corporate hoops isn't my thing.

Here are a few examples of ideas I would love to get paid for, but really have no interest in pursuing myself. 

Somebody in the business world will appreciate these ideas, just remember, you probably heard about it here first.

Thinking Out Loud:  Hey Pizza Joints, America Needs Chorizo Pizza!

Thinking Out Loud:  Another Thinking Out Loud Moment: America needs more burger meat options

Thinking Out Loud: America needs breakfast pizza

$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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