Food Review: QT Kitchens Chorizo, Egg & Cheese Taco
Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud: Hey Pizza Joints, America Needs Chorizo Pizza!

In another Thinking Out Loud Moment motivated by my appreciation for Chorizo sausage in enjoying a breakfast taco, a thought occurred to me.

Why don't the major pizza joints offer Chorizo as one of the meat options on their regular menu?

With roots in Spanish and Mexican cuisines, Chorizo is a flavor sensation becoming more and more popular in American cuisine, highlighting the taste of sweet pork and roasted flavors from spices such as smoked paprika and chili powder.  Found most commonly in tacos, we can thank our neighbors to the south in particular for feeding us the beauty that is Mexican Chorizo.

Buy why limit that great flavor to tacos, burritos, quesadillas and queso dips?

Chorizo lends itself to becoming a GREAT pizza topping.  All the notable, classic meat toppings for pizza, especially pepperoni, create a depth of flavor in the pizza crust they are delivered on, with the oils being absorbed by the sauce and the dough during the baking process.  Not only do you get the robust punch of flavor biting into that slice of pepperoni or chunk of Italian sausage, those notes carry over into the crust, along with that sauce, a true marriage of flavors.  Chorizo belongs at that wedding!  The oils from Chorizo permeate whatever vessel it's delivered in/on, I'd say even better than pepperoni does.  Blooming in the essence of smoked paprika and chili powder, the sausage embraces warm, soft tortillas and can also deliver those depth of flavor notes on a pizza crust.

Visualize a Chorizo pizza, and not one of those "Limited Time Only" offerings by national chains that experiment with Chorizo, chicken and BBQ sauce and actually screw things up if creating new Chorizo fans was the goal...  No, I'm talking a regular, classically prepared pizza, thin or thick crust, a classic marinara sauce, Chorizo, perhaps some bacon to go with it, some onion, maybe some bell pepper and of course the cheese.  Classic Mozzarella is fine, but a pepper jack blend would be good too.

Try ordering that at Pizza Hut, Papa John's or Domino's.  You can't and it's a shame.  The national chains are failing to deliver (see what I did there, the play on "deliver"...) on some fantastic Chorizo sausage flavor and as consumers of pizza, that's a pizza crime!

Given the popularity of Chorizo, I'm a bit surprised it's not a regular meat topping option on ANY of the major pizza chain menus.  The first one to put that on their menu is going to see a nice spike in sales.

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$pend Wisely My Friends...

~ Mike

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