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Breakfast Pizza Battle: QuikTrip vs. Casey's

QT Kitchens Breakfast PizzaBy Mike Thayer

Whoever invented breakfast pizza is a food genius!  I love the stuff.  Scrambled egg, breakfast meat(s), cheese, piled on a nice pizza crust dressed in a cream sauce...  It's a hot breakfast lovers dream.  In fact, if I was forced to choose just one item from a smorgasbord of hot breakfast options, my selection would be breakfast pizza, no contest. 

I was introduced to breakfast pizza years ago by Casey's, the Iowa based convenience store chain, and it was love at first bite.  Casey's has been crafting breakfast pizzas for over two decades and they deserve a lot of credit in making it very popular in the Midwest.  You can't go wrong with a slice of breakfast pizza from Casey's, any variety.  As an Iowa native, I've had my fair share of it from what is now the fastest growing convenience store chain in the country.

QT Kitchens Sausage Breakfast Pizza
A truly convenient breakfast

Oklahoma based QuikTrip hasn't done breakfast pizza nearly as long, adding it to the QT Kitchens menu back in 2015.  Today was actually my first time trying their version.  I picked up a slice while out-and-about running errands this morning.  The tag reads "Sausage Breakfast Pizza", but it's also topped with bacon.  Enjoying that for breakfast gave me the idea for this post.

So who makes the better breakfast pizza?

They're both equally good.  Both have a nice crust, with a nice light crispy outer edge.  Both sauces are good with no superiority to either store and the toppings are nicely portioned.  I'll give the nod to QuikTrip for including bacon on their pizza slice but this seems to be their only by the slice offering, as I didn't see another option on the menu.  Casey's by the slice has options of bacon, sausage or veggie.

QT Kitchens Breakfast Pizza
You get sausage AND bacon from QT

With both versions of breakfast pizza being pretty much equal and satisfying when it comes to  size and taste, it 'slices' down to price for the repeat buy.

  • Casey's:  $2.29
  • QuikTrip:  $3.69 (you do get a price break if you buy 2 slices, 2/$6)

That's a significant difference, Casey's wins the battle with price being the determining factor.  But there's a downside.  Casey's doesn't have near the footprint in Wichita that QuikTrip does.  So is it worth the extra drive to find a Casey's to save $1.40 for similar tasting breakfast pizza?  Probably not.  This just makes the case I made - the need for the national pizza chains to venture into breakfast.

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