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Product Review: Sattiyrch Step Stool

Sattiyrch Step Stool
Assembly instructions, screwdriver included.

By Mike Thayer

Needing to change a light bulb in a hallway that is just out of my 6' frame reach, I realized I needed a step stool for the house.

I've gotten by up to now, OK, never needing a step stool up to this point since moving into the house in August of 2021... So online shopping I went.

I didn't want anything too big or bulky and I don't really have a need for anything beyond an extra step, so I ruled out multi-step and the taller folding step stool models.  I just needed something simple, one step, preferably metal, sturdy yet compact, something that I can tuck away in a corner when not in use.

I looked online at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's and Ace, with step stools ranging in price from $10 to $129...  $129?  I'm not paying that much for a stool!  I found a couple of stool options at those online sites that would suit my needs, but they weren't in stock at the store and would have to be shipped, taking 5-7 days to arrive.  So on a whim, I found what I needed on Amazon and it was on my front porch the next day.

Sattiyrch Step Stool with Anti-Skid Rubber Platform
Sturdy, compact, can tuck away in a corner when not in use.

I purchased a Sattiyrch 9.5" Step Stool with Anti-Skid Rubber Platform.

Heavy Duty with a weight capacity up to 350 pounds, this stool is the compact, sturdy extra step I was looking for. It arrived needing some assembly, as most products shipped to your house usually do, but attaching the legs to the step was easy peasy.  The directions were clear and a screwdriver was provided to secure the hardware.  Assembly took all of two minutes, if that.  The anti-skid surface is comfortable and good whether you're barefoot, wearing socks or have slippers or shoes on. 

Costing me $27.89 on Amazon, I'm giving the Sattiyrch 9.5" Step Stool with Anti-Skid Rubber Platform 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It was reasonably priced, lightweight yet heavy duty and I'm able to easily tuck it away in a corner for easy access when not in use.  

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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