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Best in the Wichita Metro Taco Challenge 2022: How does Jose Pepper's rate?

Jose Peppers in West Wichita Closes its Doors

Jose PeppersOpinion Piece By Mike Thayer

According to a social media post and confirmed by the Wichita Eagle, the Jose Peppers restaurant in West Wichita has closed its doors.

Here's the Facebook post about the closing from a now former Manager/Bartender/Server of the establishment:

Hey guys! I am a bartender/server and manager at Jose Peppers West- today corporate came and closed us down without warning. I have excellent references and a good work ethic. Please keep me in mind.

A banner now hangs on the restaurant at 2243 N. Tyler Road that reads:  “Sorry we're closed.  Thank you for your support over the last decade. Please visit us at 1423 E. 13th St."

I put the address in bold because the corporate office apparently didn't check for accuracy before giving the green light to print the banner.  They got the East Side Jose Pepper's address wrong, it's actually 11423 E. 13th St.   Corporate doesn't need to cross t's and dot i's right?

Corporate cites slow sales at the restaurant for cause and I don't doubt that, but I wonder if it's the sole cause.  There's cutting your losses...   And then there's cutting costs because you shot yourself in the foot. 

Related, from October 2021:  Jose Pepper's agrees to a $1.75 million settlement with its servers over minimum wage and overtime

The closure without warning, if true, is a red flag.  It will be interesting to see if there is another Jose Pepper's restaurant closure in the near future.  You have to wonder right?  Lawsuit, settlement, now a restaurant closure, can't get an address of one of your own restaurants right...  What else can go wrong for corporate?   Time will tell.  But doesn't that beg the question, "What can corporate get right?" 

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