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Food Review: QuikTrip Pizza

20221008_120154(1)By Mike Thayer

So yesterday for lunch and on the go, I picked up a slice of of pizza, a bag of chips and a drink from QuikTrip. 

I'm a regular QT customer, stopping in for the occasional fountain drink and/or a bag of chips, perhaps a bag of ice when hosting a party.  But I've never had QT pizza before.  During a road trip a couple years back I was unimpressed by QT's breakfast sandwiches and I haven't given QT Kitchens a second look since.

But in recently purchasing a QuikTrip Coupon Card from a friend and for a good cause, well the card features all kinds of QT Kitchens foods, so perhaps they've upped their game.  That is after all one of the motivations behind being a fundraising tool, to also raise awareness of your product.  It's a win-win for whatever cause and the business involved.

QT Pizza Slice
Nice portions, QT doesn't skimp.

Their pizza is going to get a second look, a third, a fourth and a fifth!  That's how many slices I can get with my coupon card.  I got a 3 Meat slice of pizza and it was pretty tasty.  The portions of pepperoni, sausage and bacon were decent, the sauce wasn't overly sweet like you get in some bargain pizzas, the cheese had a nice melt and the crust was surprisingly good.  It's a solid pizza bite that compares favorably to Casey's pizza.  Both will satisfy a pizza craving in a good way.

I'm giving the 3 Meat QT Kitchens Pizza 3 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  Yes, there are better pizzas out there, but those come at a higher price.  QT pizza is Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly (An X-tra Large 3 meat pizza is $14.99) and you really can't beat the convenience making it a legit repeat buy in a I need pizza quick kind of way, either by the slice or ordering a whole pie on the QT app.

3 stars

QT Pizza
This will satisfy a pizza craving

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$pend Wisely My Friends...

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