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Food Review: Jolly Time Yellow Popcorn

Jolly Time Yellow Popcorn
20 ounce bag

By Mike Thayer

Popcorn, it's always been one of my favorite snacks.  It's also playing a bigger role in my daily diet, now that I've eliminated fast food and fried foods in general from my menu.

Popcorn is a healthy snack, provided you don't overload it with butter, salt or sugary toppings.  It's a whole grain food, high in fiber and believe it or not a low carb snack, with just 5 grams of carbs per cup of popped corn.  If you're counting calories, there are just 20 calories per cup of popped corn.

I prefer yellow popcorn, the kernels pop up bigger and are more durable than white popcorn, tending not to get soggy when dressed with toppings.  Yellow popcorn is what you see most often in movie theaters.

Keeping things healthy when popping, I use the microwave and a Salbree Popper, dumping about a cup of kernels in the popper, no oil required.  It takes less than 4 minutes to pop, when the time between pops hits 5-6 seconds, your popcorn is done.  For toppings, I've switched from using melted butter as a base for dressing the popped corn to using olive and avocado oils.  It's been fun and tasty getting creative in making that switch! 

Nutritional Information
There must be some government labeling requirement for listing raw product, in this case UNpopped kernels... Who eats raw kernels? But look at the carb count and calorie drop after popping. Why is that? Because you can put A LOT more unpopped kernels in a cup, than you can fluffy, popped kernels. A kernel of popcorn can pop up to 40 times its original size.

Jolly Time popcorn pops up nice, the amount of "Old Maids" in a batch of popped corn is minimal, but I honestly can't tell you if that's because Jolly Time has a superior kernel, or if it's the Salbree Popper method of making popcorn.  I've popped other brands with the same, minimal Old Maids result.  I will say the Jolly Time kernels pop up nice, big and fluffy!

Costing me just $1.25 at Dollar Tree for a 20 ounce bag, I'm giving Jolly Time Yellow Popcorn 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's VERY reasonably priced and pops up great.  Compare that to a 30 ounce jug of Orville Redenbacher's popcorn at the mainstream grocery store priced at a whopping $6.99!  Ouch!  Even the mainstream grocery store discount brand is pricey in comparison, with the Kroger brand of yellow corn priced at $2.99 for  a 30 ounce bag.

5 stars

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