Best in the Wichita Metro Taco Challenge 2022: How does Angela's Cafe rate?
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Best in the Wichita Metro Taco Challenge 2022: How does Las Catrinas rate?

Las Catrinas Mexican Restaurant Wichita
2330 N Maize Rd, Wichita, KS 67205

By Mike Thayer

Who makes the best tacos in the Wichita Metro?

Traveling around the ICT, I'm sampling the taco offerings from just about any joint that has tacos on the menu.  It doesn't really matter who, I'll be eating tacos from local joints, regional restaurants and the national chains.  To determine a true champion of tacos in the metro, a broad sampling has to be taken in order to measure the best.  I'm on a mission in the name of "taco science" (cough). 

Las Catrinas Menu
Taco Offerings

My Thursday night taco dinner took me to the West side of town and Las Catrinas.  I was first introduced to this little gem by Vicki S - a foodie in hiding - back in July.  She also helped me compile the Taco Challenge list.

I met up with Vicki at about 6:30pm, we both ordered Margaritas to start things off.  Snacking on the complimentary chips and salsa - Las Catrinas makes a good one by the way - we reviewed the menu and talked options.

Las Catrinas has a variety of taco dinners on their menu and I thoroughly enjoyed their fish tacos on my initial visit (link below), but I didn't want to be restricted to just two tacos.  Las Catrinas doesn't have a "Taco Platter" or sampler on the menu, but in talking things over with our server, Veronica, who was very accommodating, I ordered a la carte, getting a four taco assortment of Carnitas, shredded chicken, grilled steak and a classic ground beef.

Las Catrinas Tacos
a la carte order left to right: Shredded Chicken, Ground Beef, Grilled Steak, Carnitas

When our meals arrived on piping hot plates, I sampled the Carnitas first.  The pork was beautifully seasoned and Las Catrinas puts a nice touch on this particular taco with the caramelized onions.  Coupled with that posado sauce the flavor profile was elevated and bringing things home were the cilantro notes and everything all wrapped up so nicely in that warm, mildly sweet goodness of the corn tortilla.  All the tacos were generously portioned and dressed well.  The shredded chicken was on point, tender and juicy.  The ground beef taco, it may sound like a basic, run-of-the-mill kind of order to some folks, but frankly, if a restaurant can't pack a lot of flavor in a ground beef taco then what does that say about other taco offerings?  Las Catrinas does it right!  My favorite of the bunch was the grilled steak taco.  Not to be confused with an authentic Carne Asada, this steak was dressed Tex Mex style (I was in a Tex Mex restaurant after all...) with lettuce, tomato and cheese.  The seasoning on that beef was stellar, the meat juicy and tender with a wonderful, warm spice kick in the finish.

Costing me $18.77 with tax for the four tacos, The Las Catrinas lineup of tacos scored 56 out of a possible 63, earning 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  They were all quite tasty, but came at an a la carte price.  That wasn't unexpected, a la carte orders tend to be pricier because they're not part of a larger meal or course of dishes.  But ordering that way isn't exactly Bachelor on the Cheap wallet friendly, with the per taco price breaking down to $4.69 each.  They were regular size tacos, not the smaller street version so that's a plus and I got to enjoy a greater variety of flavors ordering as I did, but strictly in terms of price, I would have been better off sticking with the standard taco dinner offerings on the menu.

5 stars

Located at 2330 N Maize Rd, Wichita, KS 67205, the service at Las Catrinas was once again, top notch! Veronica was super, she provided service with a smile, she's friendly, informative and didn't miss a beat on tending to all the table needs.  Las Catrinas is SO repeat visit worthy!

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$pend Wisely My Friends...

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