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Food Review: Emporium Selection Cheese Fries

Emporium Selection Cheese Fries
Fried Cheese is Another Dose of YUM!

By Mike Thayer

I'm a sucker for fried cheese.  So when I saw "Cheese Fries" when shopping at Aldi recently, I just HAD to grab a bag to try.  Can you say, "Impulse buy?"  Yes, yes you can...

Described on the package as a "Halloumi -Style Cheese Stick" they're gluten free and keto friendly.  If you're not familiar with Halloumi cheese, it's perfect for frying or grilling because it has a really high melting point.  This isn't an ooey-gooey, melty, stringy kind of cheese, it's going to turn a light golden brown when fried and get char marks when grilled.  The flavor is kind of a cross between Mozzarella and a mild Feta, delivering salty, slightly tangy notes.

If you've ever been to a Greek or Mediterranean style restaurant and saw or sampled the flaming cheese, it was Halloumi.  I love the stuff and back in the day when the second wife and I owned and operated a small ethic grocery store specializing in Mediterranean foods, I was bringing Halloumi cheese home all the time to fry or grill up.

Emporium Selection Cheese Fries
Golden, brown & delicious!

I prepared the cheese fries in a large skillet, pan frying over medium high heat with just enough oil to cover the fries.  Once they turned golden brown, about 10 minutes, I transferred them to a paper towels to drain.  The package directions claim the cheese fries only need 3-5 minutes of cooking time, but to get that desired golden brown color, they need fry longer.   In taking that first bite, they delivered on the Halloumi-style flavor, an ever so slight crisp to the exterior, with a firm, cheesy inside with those nice salty, tangy notes.

Costing me $3.49 at Aldi, I'm giving the Emporium Selection Cheese Fries 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's not an authentic Halloumi cheese hailing from the Mediterranean, it doesn't quite measure up to the real deal, but it's still quite good.  The cheese fries fried up nicely, satisfied my fried cheese craving and is worthy of a repeat buy.  Very reasonably priced, I look forward to trying them on the grill next.  Another option to try is battering them before frying to provide more of a crunch.

4 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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