Doc Green's Gourmet Salads & Grill - Derby, Wichita
Domino's - Andover, Derby, Wichita

Dog-N-Shake - Wichita

Dog N ShakeSince 1948, Dog-N-Shake has been the home of the Original Toasted Bun and one of Wichita's most recognized burger shops.

The Dog-N-Shake Legacy...

Once upon a time in 1948, in the small but growing city of Wichita Ks, while on the way home from church, Mrs. Adamson remarked to Mr. Adamson how much she'd like to have a hamburger.

"As much as you like hamburgers," he told her, I ought to start a hamburger place."

"Are you serious," Mrs. Adamson asked

Mr. Adamson thought a moment and then answered: "Yes, I believe I am."

Two weeks later the Adamson's were in the hamburger business. They named their first place Neal's Burger Bar.

In 1956 they opened a second location and called it Neal's Burger Bar #2. Two years later the Adamson's purchased a Sizzlin Dog and in 1962 changed the name of the restaurant to Dog-N-Shake thus founding the franchise name and a cheeseburger institution Wichitans have grown to love.

In 1963 another Dog-N-Shake restaurant was added followed by another restaurant the following year.

Today, Neal's two daughters and granddaughter are keeping the Dog-N-Shake traditions alive and well. Dog-N-Shake restaurants are located throughout the city of Wichita, KS.




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