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Bionic Burger - Haysville, Wichita

Bionic BurgerAs a child, I still remember traveling with my family to Tulsa, Oklahoma hungry, but not about to settle for anything less than one of Aunt Ruby's burgers and fries. My brother and I often wondered why no one in Kansas made a burger or fry quite like that. Finally, in 1976, we decided to find out. We talked to our Aunt Ruby about bringing this production to Kansas. She was quite helpful in explaining some of her secrets. She said "You can get a regular burger and fry anywhere, so why not do it right." So we decided to sell a burger that's more like a steakburger than a hamburger.

We start with 100% Fresh US Beef, never frozen, which includes trim from T-Bone, strip steak and sirloin. Then we quick sear each pattie with grilled onions to lock in the real steak flavor and serve it on a toasted bun. We’re also famous for our fresh-cut liberal order of fries with a little bit of peeling left on just for the health of it!

For more than 60 years, we have been providing the same dedication to quality and service that Aunt Ruby began in 1949.

At Bionic Burger every order is made-to-order using only the finest ingredients, plus you’ll receive real old fashion food in just minutes.

Since Steve and Loyd Majors opened the first Bionic Burger in Wichita, our place has always been more than just a place to eat. The absolute dedication to quality that Aunt Ruby began with and built a reputation for is as true in the new millennium as it was the 1940’s. In Wichita, we continue our commitment to making and serving something better.

Steve, Pam, daughter Raquel and son-in-law Jimmy still operate the business. We would all like to thank Ruby and Roger for all their help in getting us started, and would like to dedicate our success to Steve's brother Loyd, who died far too young in a tragic accident in 1999. Without him they never could have made it. Rest in peace “Big Brother” Loyd Majors, 1942-1999.


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