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Deano's Grill & Tapworks
A classic martini, a birthday martini

By Mike Thayer

I'm traveling around the Wichita Metro, sampling the burger offerings from any joint that has burgers on the menu, local, regional, national chain, it doesn't matter. In order to determine a true champion of burgers in the metro, I'll have to sample them all in the name of "burger science" (cough).  For the burger criteria, click here.

For today's Burger Challenge dinner, I headed over to Deano's Grill & Tapworks.  Today is also my birthday, so celebrating with a few adult beverages is in order.  I've been to Deano's before, it's a really nice sports bar with a great menu and their Doggy Breath pizza is stellar!

Deano's Grill & Tapworks Classic Cheeseburger w/bacon
That's a good looking burger plate!

I entered the place at around 4:30pm and found a seat at the bar.  Ashley the bartender quickly introduced herself with a big smile, setting me up with a coaster as she asked me what I would like to drink and if I needed a food menu.  Being my birthday, I went big with a classic martini, shaken, not stirred, yes, I went there...  James, James Bond...   with two olives.   Ashley makes a fine martini!  Already knowing what I was going to order for my evening meal in reviewing the menu online, I ordered the Deano's Classic Cheeseburger with a bacon add.  Here's the description from the restaurant menu: Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, ketchup, mayo, and cheddar cheese. Served on a brioche bun.

Under the lid reveal
Nice touch with the red onion, a better onion bite and 3 slices of bacon, not the typical 2 you get in most places.
Pretty standard sounding right?  Execution is the key and let me tell you Deano's crafts a FINE burger!   Hitting all the points that you're looking for in a stellar burger, the visual appeal was mouthwatering, the patty had nice grill marks, it was seasoned well and juicy.  The bacon was aplenty, with three strips topping the burger, not the typical two that you get in most joints.  The cheddar cheese was melted nicely and had a good medium sharpness to it.  Deano's puts red onion on their burger which I prefer, it's a nicer bite than regular white or yellow.  The pickles were thick cut and provided some delightful tart notes, balanced out with freshly shredded lettuce and juicy red tomato.  Packaging it all up nicely was that butter toasted brioche bun. 
Deano's Grill & Tapworks burger
It's a well executed burger, from bottom bun to the lid
Side Note:  The fries were good, fried nicely and seasoned well.  I got the light crispy edge on the exterior and the fluffy potato interior.  Other side choices included coleslaw, mashed potatoes, two pretzels, mac and cheese, cup of soup, rice and mixed vegetables.  I was tempted by the mac & cheese, perhaps next time.
My Dad called while I was dining to wish me a Happy Birthday, the big 6-0h!  The lady seated next to me overheard my conversation and the birthday wish and took the liberty of buying me dessert!  What a totally unexpected but very pleasant surprise!  I went with the Fried Cheesecake Bites, six mini cheesecake bites filled with raspberry sauce and then flash fried, served up in more raspberry sauce and whipped cream.  Totally Delicious!  And I returned the super nice gesture by buying the lady a Flip Flop Martini, which is Peach Schnapps and Pama shaken with sweet/sour, fresh lemon juice and a splash of Sprite served in a sugar-rimmed martini glass.
Costing me about $14 for the burger and fries, the Deano's Grill & Tapworks Classic Cheeseburger with a bacon add on scored 59 points out of a possible 63, earning it 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's most definitely a repeat buy and deserves to be on your burger to try list if you haven't done so already.

5 stars

Deano's Classic Cheeseburger w/bacon
It was "Another Dose of YUM!" in every bite.

Located at 9747 E 21st St N Suite 101, Wichita, KS 67206, Deano's Grill & Tapworks is a thumbs up place all the way around.  The service is top notch, the drinks are smooth, the food is fantastic and the atmosphere super friendly.  What a great place to just hang out and catch a game and/or catch up with friends.  Thank you Ashley, thank you kitchen, thank you Pam W for buying my dessert, it was nice to meet and visit with you!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Deano's Fried Cheesecake Bites
Birthday dessert courtesy of Pam W. Gotta love it when somebody you just met, buys dessert!

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