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Chicken N Pickle
1240 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS 67206

By Mike Thayer

I'm traveling around the Wichita Metro, sampling the burger offerings from any joint that has burgers on the menu, local, regional, national chain, it doesn't matter. In order to determine a true champion of burgers in the metro, I'll have to sample them all in the name of "burger science" (cough).  For the burger criteria, click here.

Chicken N Pickle Flat Iron Burger & tots
Good looking presentation

Today's Friday night dinner travels and next on the list of places to visit was Chicken N Pickle.  I know what you're thinking...  It's a chicken joint!  But, they have a burger on their menu.  Having a bar, big screen TVs at every angle and cold beer helps...   I've had a few of their sandwiches in the past and they were pretty tasty, so with a burger as part of their sandwich lineup, I figured it was worth a try.

If you're not familiar with Chicken N Pickle, it's a unique experience.  It's a sports bar, it's a casual atmosphere chef-driven restaurant, it's a huge indoor/outdoor entertainment complex that includes of course, pickleball courts, yard games and a lot of space to just chill out.  It's a regional chain getting its start in Kansas City, Missouri back in 2016 and has since branched out into Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. 

Chicken N Pickle Burger
Thin patty, but good crust, but also crumbly

Entering the "Chicken Coop" - the restaurant and sports bar area - at about 4:30pm, I found a seat at the bar in full view of all kinds of sports entertainment being shown on the big screens.  The bartender (I didn't catch her name and she was listed as "PM Bar2" on my receipt) asked me what I would like to start off with.  With well drinks at just $3 until 6pm on weekdays, I went with a whiskey and 7Up.

Chicken N Pickle pushes the use your phone and scan our QR code to look at their menu.  More and more places are going to this, some folks like it, others still prefer to have a full fledged traditional menu to look at, no scrolling required.  I'm kind of old school in that regard, but it didn't matter on this occasion, I already knew what I was going to order by looking online (on a desktop) before arriving.  I went with their Flat Iron Burger, written up as Grass-Fed GNFF Beef, Aged Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Ketchup, Mustard.  All their sandwiches are served on an egg bun, choice of fries, tots or you can do a side upgrade for $1.  I went with the tots.

Under the lid reveal
Could the tomatoes BE any smaller?

It didn't take long for my burger to arrive, it was a nice visual with the burger and tots served in a parchment paper lined cake pan.  This burger comes as a double, with Chicken N Pickle frying up their beef patties Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburger style, thin patties done on the flat top, heavy on the crust.  I don't have a problem with that, but without the second patty the meat to bun ratio would have been way off, heavy on the bread.  The patties were seasoned well but they were also crumbly, the patties didn't hold together in consuming the burger.  There was good coverage with the bacon, but it was tough, leathery, chewy.  The lettuce leaf was fresh but I didn't get tomatoes in every bite, they were on the small side.  If there's a kitchen quota, i.e., two 'mater slices per sandwich, then make sure the tomatoes are large enough to provide good coverage.  One of the tomatoes I got was like the size of a quarter, the other, a 50 cent piece.  The amount of sauteed red onion was more than generous in overpowering fashion and I found the single slice of cheddar cheese to be unremarkable, it kind of got lost in the sandwich.  The egg bun was a good choice, buttery and soft.  Overall, the burger lacked balance.

Chicken N Pickle
Too much of a good thing with the onion

Side Note:  The tots were under seasoned and a bit on the oily side.  The outer shell lacked that light crispy bite, with the tot as a whole a bit saturated with the oil, like the fryer temp wasn't hot enough.

Costing me $15.58 for the burger and side, the Chicken N Pickle Flat Iron Burger scored a 49 out of a possible 63 points, earning it 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.   A score of 48, just one point less, would have put it in 3 star territory.  Based on the meals I've had here before, I came away a bit disappointed, the burger was less-than-stellar and not reasonably priced.  It's not worthy of a repeat buy.  Chicken N Pickle does chicken and pork better than they do beef.

4 stars

Chicken N Pickle
Note the crumbles, bottom, patties already starting to fall apart before the first bite

Located at 1240 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS 67206, the Chicken N Pickle was really starting to get busy by the time I was ready to settle up at about 5:15pm, with "PM Bar2" slinging drinks, washing glasses and replenishing ice like nobody's business.  The service was good, PM Bar2 pours a good drink.  Too bad the burger and tots weren't a little better.

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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