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Whiskey Review: Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine

Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine
Blackberry is a great flavor

By Mike Thayer

I'm an Ole Smoky fan, they make a fantastic peanut butter flavored whiskey that's better than Skrewball!  I've also sampled their Ole Smoky Butter Pecan Moonshine which was quite tasty.    Also good, their Apple Pie Moonshine as well as their Sour Apple Moonshine.  So in liking both those and kind of staying on a Moonshine trend, I decided to give their Blackberry Moonshine a try.

If you didn't already know, White Whiskey is "new" whiskey, as in a raw, unfinished product, "unaged." White Whiskey skips the aged in oak barrels step so what you get is naked grain alcohol - Moonshine!

Here's the description of the Blackberry Moonshine from the Ole Smoky website:  Taste the sweeter side of life in the nectar of the Appalachian Gods that is captured in Ole Smoky®Blackberry Moonshine. Mix it in with some lemonade, throw it in a copper cup and enjoy a long afternoon of Corn Hole with friends. There’s no need to muddle tiny pieces of fruit when our blackberries create a smooth yet spirited flavor with a kick that’ll keep things interesting.

This stuff is almost too smooth.  Fruity, it drinks like Kool-Aid and at 40 proof, it doesn't have a harsh finish.  Moderation is key, it will sneak up on you if you're not careful.  I had it in a chilled shot, on the rocks and neat.  A warm whiskey finish is missing in this Moonshine.  On it's own it was best over ice, better yet in a mixed drink.

Here's a suggested drink recipe from Ole Smoky which is quite tasty:

Blackberry Lemonade

Mix well in a glass over ice, garnish with lemon wedge and/or optional blackberries.  Shine responsibly.

Costing me about $17 for 750ml mason jar, I'm giving Ole Smokey Blackberry Moonshine 4 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars.  It's smooth, refreshing, but best in a mixed drink.  I really like the blackberry flavor, but in comparing it to Bird Dog Blackberry whiskey (80 proof), I'd rather drink the Bird Dog, it's a better blackberry flavor with a better kick and warmer finish.

4 stars

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